Sophomore and Junior Summer Study Award in Studio Art


The Sophomore and Junior Summer Study Award in Studio Art was established in 2000 by a Franklin & Marshall alumnus who currently wishes to remain anonymous. The Sophomore and Junior Summer Study Award in Studio Art provides up to $1,500 (possibly more with higher expenses) to help a declared sophomore or junior Studio Art Major pursue studio interests, in any location and for any length of time, in the summer between sophomore and junior year (for sophomores), and between junior and senior year (for juniors).

This experience may take the form of a workshop, internship, apprenticeship, tutorial, formal working experience with an established artist or studio, or studio course taken at an arts center or school. The award may be used for travel, living expenses, stipend (in the case of unpaid apprenticeships, for example), or other costs (such as the purchase of materials).

Because the Sophomore and Junior Summer Study Award in Studio Art is a competitive grant, candidates must submit a formal application to the Department of Art and Art History. Deadline for submissions is 4:30 p.m. on Monday, March 20, 2023 (the Monday classes resume after spring break).

Applicants are required to develop their proposals in consultation with their Studio Art advisor. Advisors can help fine-tune project plans and can speak for applicants with whom they've worked in the department's meeting to choose a winner.

The selection committee will consider evidence of a candidate's preparation to undertake his/her proposed program as well as artistic talent and accomplishment.

Candidates should submit the following application materials electronically as an email attachment:

1) The Summer Study/Travel Awards Cover Sheet (Art's version). Download the form here, complete it and submit to Interim Art and Art History Coordinator, Julie Gemmell (, via email.

2) A copy of your latest unofficial F&M transcript.

3) A biographical essay of about 500 words describing your education, interests, achievements, personal goals, background in art, and other relevant factors.

4) A statement of about 500 words about your project or internship; its objectives, how you will achieve them, its connection to your interests, background, and goals, where and for, or with, whom you will be working, why you have made this particular choice, specific information about the work site, and how you will share the results with others.

5) A budget of all expected expenses -- download here, complete and send to the Art coordinator with your application. Show all expenses expected for the project, even if over $1500; explain how you will pay for any expenses over the amount of the award, so that the committee can judge whether your budget is realistic and your project is feasible. Also show the requested stipend (if any). After funds are awarded, for tax reasons, you cannot shift monies between stipend and expenses.

Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee chosen by the Department of Art and Art History. The winner or winners of the award will be notified in early April, after deliberations are completed.

As a condition of this grant, students who are funded by the Sophomore and Junior Summer Study Award in Studio Art are required, upon returning to campus for fall semester, to give a formal presentation/demonstration to the college community, showing what they learned as a result of their experience. They should participate in the College Research Fair, as appropriate. Lastly, they are expected to submit, to the department, a short report (2 pages, double spaced), or journal, that documents their project.