• Benjamin DiCicco-Bloom, formerly a visiting assistant professor of sociology at F&M and now a visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania.
Visiting Scholar of Sociology

Education, Research, and Teaching

Benjamin DiCicco-Bloom earned his PhD. in Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania in 2014. His teaching and research interests are in the Sociology of Health & Illness, Disability, Work and Organizations, and Aging. He is working on a book manuscript (under contract with Princeton University Press) that draws on a nine-year ethnographic study of a group of autistic adults and their families, many of whom he lived with, that shows how popular understandings of the condition are out of sync with grassroots experiences and interpretations. In another line of research, Ben investigates how interactions between different healthcare professionals shape the operation of medical organizations and the delivery of patient care. Before Franklin & Marshall he spent three years teaching at Hamilton College, and he is teaching two sections of Introduction to Sociology in Fall 2019. To learn more, visit Ben's Personal Website: bendcbloom.com.



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