Learning Outcomes 
  • A BFB major should have the ability to use the primary literature to trace the historical development of our current understanding of behavior and also be able to explore current research that is transforming our understanding of this field.


  •    A BFB major should be able to start reading papers from the perspective of a scientist.  As part of this, the student should be able to (a) describe the rationale for the study, (b) interpret the figures and tables, (c) distinguish results from interpretation of results, and (d) outline the support for the major findings of the paper and their significance.


  • A BFB major should be able to summarize the major findings from several papers on a specific topic as part of a writing assignment:  either in the Introduction or Discussion of a research paper or as part of a review paper. In particular, demonstrate the ability to identify papers that are critical to a topic and not merely tangential.