Leadership in Action 

Our world demands much of its leaders. Every day, Franklin & Marshall College challenges its students—tomorrow’s leaders—through deeply immersive classroom and campus experiences, through one-on-one collaboration with world- class faculty, through sharp, incisive focus in a range of disciplines, and by connecting learning to its real-world impact in communities just off campus and thousands of miles away. 

The Benjamin Franklin Society—our leadership society for the most generous Franklin & Marshall supporters—elevates our students, faculty and the College itself in ways that set them apart.

Please join the Benjamin Franklin Society today. Membership in the society begins and is maintained with annual gifts of $1,787 or more, commemorating the College’s founding year. You can also find GOLD class payment information for fiscal year 2017 below. 

For more information about the Benjamin Franklin Society, please contact Associate Director of Annual Giving Greg Brown at greg.brown@fandm.edu or 717-358-4272.



We honor Benjamin Franklin Society members in several ways:

• The attention of a designated liaison

• Listing in the annual honor roll of donors

• Special communications from the College

• Invitations to College events                                                                                                                                                                       


Launching Today’s Students Into Leadership 

Benjamin Franklin’s founding gift of £200 had impact exponentially greater than its monetary value. His generosity made innumerable opportunities possible for generations of students whose lives of purpose have transformed their communities and our world. Today, and every day, the gifts of Benjamin Franklin Society members shape our future in ways both immediate and as yet unknown. 


 Special Opportunities for GOLD Alumni

The Benjamin Franklin Society offers special opportunities to GOLD alumni (Graduates of the Last Decade).

Membership starts at $100 for each year post-graduation.