All research involving potentially biohazardous materials must be registered with the Biosafety Office. Research that requires Biosafety Level 1 containment and practices (sometimes referred to as "exempt")  may be registered using the BSL1 Biosafety Review form; this type of registration does not generally require review and approval by the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).
The BSL2 Biosafety Review form must be used for research that involves Biosafety Level 2 agents. All research registrations for BSL2 labs must undergo review and approval by the IBC.
Both BSL1 and BSL2 research registrations must be renewed annually. 

Completed registration forms should be returned to the Biosafety Officer.

Please contact the Biosafety Officer with any questions.


FAQs about research registration at F&M

What biosafety level is apprpriate for my  lab? Does my BSL1 research have to be registered? How do I register research? This document provides the answers to many common questions about  the research registration process.

BSL1 Biosafety Review

This form is used to register research and teaching activities that require BSL1 containment and practices. This form may also be used for the annual renewal.

BSL2 Biosafety Review

This form should be used to register research that requires a BSL2 designation and review by the IBC.

Annual renewal and revision to BSL2 Biosafety Review 

This form is used to make changes - to add or remove agents - to your IBC approved BSL2 research registration. This form should also be used for the annual renewal of your approved BSL2 research registration.

Annual renewal of BSL2 research when there are no changes to be reported

This short form may be used for the annual renewal of your approved BSL2 research registration when there are NO CHANGES to be reported.

hESC and hiPSC Supplemental Form

This form should be used as a supplement to the BSL2 Biosafety Review form when the research utilizes either human embryonic stem cells or human induced pluripotent stem cells (when box 3ii is checked).