Prominent in College lore for initiating the popular F&M tradition of weekly bagel breakfasts, when members of each house gather "to talk about whatever" -- recent events or speakers on campus, favorite books, movies, TV shows and, yes, bagels -- Bonchek College House is noted, too, for several traditions that involve the larger community, as well. Among these is the Community Outreach Dinner, for which residents each semester donate their unused guest meals, allowing up to 200 people from local shelters to come to campus and enjoy a catered, sit-down meal twice a year. Bonchek College House also hosts the You Stay Classy F&M Ball, the College's largest house-sponsored dance attracting more than 400 people to Hartman Green each year.  

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The Pulse of Bonchek House

Story 12/21/2017

High Impact Book-Making

In Fall 2017, Professor Tamara Goeglein taught her Connections 185 course, entitled “Who Reads Books?”  At the end of the course, the students made books.

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Story 9/22/2017

Greenland Research: Was Climate a Factor in the...

Near Tunulliark Fjord , on a peninsula jutting from Greenland’s southern coast, an F&M student-faculty research team collect environmental data to help in determining what happened to the Norse more...

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Story 9/14/2017

From Running to Cooking, Journalists Discuss Their Craft and...

September features health and fitness nonfiction at Philadelphia Alumni Writers House  with journalists Christopher McDougall Jen A. Miller on Sept. 21, and Phoebe Lapine on Sept. 27. 

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Story 10/24/2016

How Cuttlefish and Squid Physically Maneuver

Associate Professor of Biology Joe Thompson and his student researchers study a particular cephalopod, the cuttlefish, similar to squid but with a wider body or mantle, fins the length of the mantle,...

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Story 9/20/2016

"Day of Dialogue" to Address Today's Issues of Diversity,...

On Oct. 5, F&M will conduct a campuswide "Day of Dialogue" to examine the College's diversity and efforts to promote inclusion while finding strength in the College's long-valued sense of community.  

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Story 9/16/2016

Off-Campus Study: Brielle Stander '17

Environmental Studies major studies on the SIT Abroad/IHP Climate Change program in Casablanca, Hanoi, La Paz, and San Francisco.

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