People Who Keep the House Running Smoothly


The Bonchek House managers are paid positions to work with the Don and House Dean to keep the House in good order. They have keys to the duty room for students who want to check out the House vacuum cleaner, broom, snow shovel, dishes and silverware, kitchenware, etc.

The managers for Fall of 2020 are:

  • Desaun Robinson (Class of 23)
  • Maddy Morris  (Class of 21)
  • Sam Bellersen (Class of 21)
  • Steven(Jiajun) Lin  (Class of 24)
  • Jayden LaCoe  (Class of 24)
  • Lexus Juele (Class of 23)


Bonchek Loan Program! 

The Bonchek Loan Program allows Bonchekers to borrow a number of items, saving them the hassle of having to purchase their own. Perhaps you want to vacuum your room, play a game of Boggle, use a screwdriver, or borrow a cart. If so, let the Bonchek Loan Program come to the rescue!


To borrow an item, come by the Bonchek Kitchen (still out of commission for cooking, sorry) at any of these times:

  • 5-7 pm, seven days a week
  • 11-noon on weekends (Saturday and Sunday)


Our House Managers will be there, ready to help you check out (and return) items.