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Learn about the history and tradition of our House. Find out more about our House Constitution. Buy our apparel!  

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Let us introduce you to the Don and Dean of our House. Also meet our House Government and other Peer Leaders.  

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Read about our House Events and all of the activities organized by Brooksians for Brooksians. 

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Members of Brooks College House, known as Brooksians, begin their residential life at F&M during first-year orientation with the fiery Phoenix Ceremony. Each new resident writes down something that they would like to remain a part of their past as they move on to college and enter into the Brooks House community. These declarations are placed into the ceremonial Phoenix Sculpture and immolated in a bonfire on Hartman Green. This "rebirth" through fire epitomizes the symbolism of the phoenix and is an integral part of orientation for new Brooks House residents. However, other statements about goals the students would like to achieve or a part of themselves that they would like to develop during their time at F&M are returned as students graduate, creating an opportunity for important self-reflection on their personal and academic growth. 

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