• Our house crest contains a yellow phoenix in full plumage over a divided field of blue and green. The phoenix and its myth, represent the college and life experience of Brooks College House members to which we hope they all aspire. As in the myth of the phoenix, a new house member leaves behind their previous young life and immerses themselves in the symbolic “fire” of their Franklin & Marshall education and Brooks House experience. As with the myth of the phoenix he or she emerges from the fire "reborn" as a liberally educated adult and an outstanding citizen prepared to enter their profession, their community, and their world.

Founded in 2005 as "MBT House," which reflected our three core buildings: Marshall, Buchanan and Thomas, our house was re-named Brooks College House in the fall of 2008 to honor Robert C. Brooks Sr. ‘66, his wife Susan and their son Jim ‘98 in recognition of their support for both Franklin & Marshall College and our house.

During the dedication ceremony Mr. Brooks observed that "these buildings are the ones that we consider our roots at F&M" as he pointed to Marshall where he once lived as a Franklin & Marshall student and to Buchanan where his son Jim lived when he was at F&M.

In February of 2009 we opened and dedicated our beautiful Commons that has quickly become the heart of all the activities of our House. 


Royal Blue and Hunter Green

These colors represent some of the core values that we strive to instill in the members of our House community: to pursue truth and loyalty (blue) in education and life, and to do so through the process of rebirth with hope and joy (green).

Jack Heller, Brooks College House, founding Don. He served from 2005- 2009.


Phoenix Ceremony

During orientation, first-year Brooksians are asked to write down 1) something about themselves that they would like to remain a part of their past as they move on to college and and are incorporated into the Brooks House community, and 2) a goal that they would like to achieve or a part of themselves that they would like to develop during their time in Brooks and at F&M. The first items are placed into the ceremonial Phoenix Sculpture, which is placed into a bonfire on Hartman Green. This "rebirth" through fire epitomizes the symbolism of the phoenix and is an integral part of orientation for new Brooks House members. The second items are returned as students leave F&M at the end of their senior year and allow for important self-reflection on their personal and academic growth.

Banner Signing

Since our founding in 2005, incoming first-year members of Brooks College House have signed the back of a large banner that reads "Welcome to Brooks House." This collection of names and class years represents the continuing physical and intellectual growth of our House community.


About Robert J. Brooks, Sr. '66, P'98