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Bryan Stinchfield

Associate Professor: Business, Organizations & Society

Don, Brooks College House

Bryan Stinchfield is an Associate Professor of Organizational Studies. He teaches Strategy (BOS 200), Business and National Security (BOS 480), Creativity, Innovation, and Design (STS/BOS 372) and Human Security (CNX 114). Currently, he is researching climate change, conflict, and mercenaries.

He earned his B.A. in Rhetorical Theory and his MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, and he earned his Ph.D. in business with a focus on strategy and environmental resources from Southern Illinois University.

Prior to becoming a professor, he was an officer in the Army where he flew helicopters, a counterterrorism officer, a representative for Pfizer, and a consultant during the dotcom era.

He has conducted research and/or business in Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Turkey, Bolivia, and throughout Europe.



  • Brooks College House Dean, Brian Samble

Brian Samble

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Dean, Brooks College House

Dr. Brian Samble serves as Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Dean of Brooks College House. Brooksians will find Dean Samble to be an extroverted, positive, and supportive resource who will always be willing to share conversation and a cup of coffee outside his office in Brooks College House. He views Brooksians as members of a residential neighborhood and hopes to support his students find pathways for involvement on campus, engagement with the community off-campus, and discovering their talents based upon their academic and professional ambitions. 

Dean Samble received his B.A. in History from Saint Anselm College and M.A. and Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from Boston College and the University of Tennessee, respectively. His dissertation was on the design of world-class universities in Denmark and even travelled overseas to conduct his research on institutional and government policies and practices meant to improve the quality of Danish higher education and develop the talents of students and scholars studying in Denmark. 


House Advisors

Brooks Staff Picture

The Brooks House Advisors are a rich part of the house community. They serve as mentors and leaders for the students on their halls. 

Duty Phone:       717-823-7694      (8:00pm-8:00am)


Our 2019-20 HAs:

Marshall Hall
Sophie Plechner
Hannah Breedlove
Brett Parsons
Muhammad Ahmed Cheema 
Joshua Bisset
Alexis Hoffman
Buchanan Hall
Brianna Burger 
Mariana Squicciarini 
Luciana Chavarria 
Chase Kovalcheck 
Saad Mahboob
Kathleen Horsley
Schnader Hall
Mackenzie Blackwell 

Brooks House Government

As dictated by the Brooks College House Constitution, the Brooks House Congress serves as the governing body of the House. The House Congress is responsible for overseeing a $15,000 budget and for organizing programming for the benefit of both the House and the broader College and local communities. 

The Brooks House Congress

The Brooks House Congress consists of an Executive Board and a General Assembly. The House Legate joins the Congress, representing the House's interests on the Diplomatic Congress. Members of the House Congress are popularly elected by members of Brooks College House.

Meet the House Government

Brooks House Constitution

The Brooks House Constitution is the supreme governing document of Brooks College House. It establishes the House Government by creating the House Congress, which consists of the Executive Board and the General Assembly, as well as associated committees, and provides guidelines for elections. 

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