The 2020 Brooks House Congress

  • Brooks College House Government 2020 Zoom

As dictated by the Brooks College House Constitution, the Brooks House Congress serves as the governing body of the House. It consists of an Executive Board and a General Assembly. The House Legate joins the Congress, representing the House's interests on the Diplomatic Congress. The House Congress is responsible for overseeing a budget and for organizing programming for the benefit of both the House and the broader College and local communities. 

Members of the House Congress are popularly elected by members of Brooks College House.


The 2020-2021 Brooks House Executive Board

President:  Braden Muscarello

Parliamentarian:  Sam Dupont

Vice-Chair and Secretary/Treasurer:  Holly Batchelder

Social Programming Chair:  Maureen Adames

Public Relations Chair: Alysse Danyi


The 2020-2021 Brooks House Congress

Class of 2021 (Senior)

Dylan Brandt

Class of 2022 (Juniors)

Hunter Conrad

Mason Bolano

Class of 2023 (Sophomores)

Charlotte Amsbaugh

Immanuela Antwi

Class of 2024 (First-Years)

Katlyn Clarke

Maverick Irwin, Diplomatic Congress Representative

David Broughton

Colin Hueston

Teresa Li, ISAB Representative

Tatum Evans