Living on Campus 

It’s important to feel comfortable in your new home for the next four years. With our unique residential life, fantastic dining services, and more, we make sure you’re well taken care of.


College Houses

At F&M, you won’t be living in a run-of-the-mill dorm—your home away from home will be in one of our five College Houses. Governed by the students who live there, these lively hubs of intellectual, extracurricular, and social engagement not only give you a place to hang out, sleep, and study, but also your own special place to belong. 

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Housing & Dining

Learn the specifics of housing and dining at F&M, such as our housing available for all class years, laundry options, our meal plans, and more. 

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Dining at F&M

Great food, honest values, and a comfortable atmosphere can be found in every F&M Campus Dining location—all conveniently located within walking distance of on-campus housing, labs, classrooms, and many off-campus apartments!

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Campus Map

Get familiar with F&M's campus and the surrounding area. 

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Get Involved 

New friendships, meaningful and memorable community experiences, important life lessons outside of the classroom… all are waiting for you at F&M. By participating in student groups, the arts, civic engagement, athletics, and recreation, you can enrich your academic experience and enhance the culture of teaching and learning at F&M. 

Clubs & Organizations

With more than 100 clubs and organizations at your fingertips, you can deep-dive into your favorite topics, explore more interests, and enjoy opportunities for fun and learning. 

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Athletics & Recreation

Athletics at F&M is more than football games on Saturday afternoons. It's club sports, intramural sports, and terrific facilities for informal recreation, too. More than just a good way to work up a healthy sweat, we see athletics as a big part of an integrated education, providing important lessons in leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, and...

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Civic Engagement

F&M's commitment to civic engagement reflects a core institutional belief: that a true liberal arts education includes making meaningful contributions to one's community. Each year, F&M students log more than 60,000 hours of volunteer service, improving the lives of people in Lancaster, Central Pennsylvania, and around the world. 

Faith & Meaning

F&M's is a rich tapestry of religious communities. Students of faith seeking spiritual fulfillment and fellowship, as well as those who are on a faith journey, will find many opportunities available to them at F&M, where the various religious groups on campus are open to everyone.

Fraternities & Sororities 

Since the first fraternity was established on campus in 1853, F&M's fraternities and sororities  have been part of our of our community, offering interested students additional opportunities for intellectual advancement, leader development, responsible citizenship and community building. 

Steinman College Center

The “living room” of the College, Steinman College Center is a place where students, faculty, professional staff and guests meet and share a variety of social, educational, cultural and recreational experiences. 

Student Engagement and Leadership

There's more to a college education than time in the classroom. At F&M, the experience extends to scores of clubs and organizations that offer students opportunities to socialize, have fun and explore independently favorite or tempting topics. Or, feel free to  start your own club!


Caring for Everyone and Everything 

We care for the entire F&M community, from the people who learn and grow on our campus, to physical environment in which we live and work. Learn more about how our values shape our diversity, equity, and inclusion and sustainability efforts at F&M.

The Office of DEI

We value diversity and believe all members of the F&M community—students, faculty, and staff—contribute to our larger goals of diversity, inclusion, and equity. Together, we create the way forward. 

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Sustainability on Campus

We're proud of our long tradition of conservation and environmental stewardship. We work hard to keep up with the current advances in sustainable ideas and technology and pride ourselves on looking at every possible angle to create a more sustainable future for both the campus and the world. 

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Campus Services 

We're Here to Help

From our wellness center to public safety, to technology services and even late-night rides around Lancaster, F&M's many campus services provide excellent resources that help students and other members of the community with a broad range of questions, needs, and activities. 

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Public Safety

The F&M Department of Public Safety works around the clock to maintain a safe atmosphere for faculty, staff, students and visitors. 

Student Wellness Education and Violence Prevention

By providing educational workshops and individual training sessions for students, staff, and faculty on wellness-related topics and violence prevention, Student Wellness Education and Violence Prevention (WE-VP) spearheads campus initiatives to create a safer and healthier F&M community. 

Student Wellness Center

Part of the Lancaster General Health system (LG Health), the F&M Student Wellness Center provides accessible, confidential, high-quality medical and mental health services that support the academic and general wellbeing of students. 

Technology Support

Have a question about your Google account? Need help with your laptop? No matter what, F&M's technology support services is here for you. 

New Student Information  

Begin Your F&M Journey

We couldn’t be more excited that you chose F&M as the next step in your journey. Begin exploring what you need to know as you prepare to arrive on campus. 

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Pre-Orientation Programs

Can't wait to get here? We offer domestic first-year students four exciting pre-orientation programs for those interested in the outdoors, sustainability, civic engagement and musical arts. 

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Orientation & Move-In

Orientation is your launching pad for your F&M journey. It's a time when you not only arrive on campus, but you can meet other members of your College House and your class, be introduced to faculty and academics, learn about campus resources, and so much more. 

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Have Any Questions?

Whether you have questions about your class schedule or you're wondering about move-in, we have someone who can help. 

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College Life Resources 

Your success on campus is of vital importance, and F&M has policies set in place to guide your success.

The College Life Manual

Explore our college life manual for a comprehensive list of rules and regulations showcases what you can expect of student conduct and behavior on the F&M campus.  

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Student Success Handbook

This handbook has advice you never knew you needed. Check out tips for coexisting with a roommate, campus etiquette, and more.   

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College Policies

From academics to campus events, this online handbook contains all Franklin & Marshall College policies. 

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Student Code Policies

The Student Code sets forth the expectations F&M holds related to student behavior and the rights and responsibilities of students.   

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Title IX

Here you’ll find all the information you need about the Title IX policy and college resources related to reporting sexual misconduct. 

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