Meet Our Officers

  • jenna dubin anime club
Jenna Dubin

"I have liked anime since I've been young. In middle school, I started watching shows like Naruto and started to getting into the scene. In high school I went to my first convention and have been going to them ever since (20+ now in 3 different counties), and I've become an avid cosplayer too." 

  • brian p anime
Bryan Palacio

"I enjoy anime because it allows me to vicariously experience a different culture than my own and because it makes me feel closer to some family I have in Japan."

  • leslie botey anime club
Leslie Botey

“I have always been fascinated by Japanese culture, and I get to see that through anime. I joined Anime Club because I got to meet people who share my enthusiasm of watching anime. As a first year at F&M, it was comforting to know that there was an opportunity for me to join a club of my interest."

  • julie tran
Julie Tran

“I enjoy anime because it helps me relax when I'm stressed. It allows the creativity of the mind with limitless animation and without the restraint of western cartoons seen as childlike."