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Are you interested in how animals are raised and cared for in other countries? Do they keep pets? Are there any interesting notes about their local animals? How about volunteering? The Unleashed-pedia provides interviews and testimonials from F&M students from across the globe with the aim to answer these questions and give you a better...

Fuzzy Friday

Share your fuzzy friends with us through a DM to be featured on our Fuzzy Friday Instagram posts and provide some lighthearted virtual content for our campus!

Reptile Expo

F&M Unleashed club members recently visited the Reptile Expo in Lebanon, PA. By talking to reptile rescue organizers and experts from the expo, members gained insight and knowledge about a wide array of reptiles and the advocacy efforts surrounding them, while also meeting some really incredible creatures along the way!

Therapy Dogs

F&M Unleashed invites local organizations to bring therapy dogs to college houses to help students reduce some of the stress that college brings. Due to COVID-19 regulations this program is on hold, but stay tuned!

Service Dog Don't Pet

When we see a service dog, how should we interact with them? As there are many working service dogs in our community, F&M Unleashed invited service dogs from around our community and held an event to raise awareness for how to properly interact with, and understand service animals and their classifications.


A primary objective of F&M Unleashed is to direct needed monetary resources towards our community advocacy partners. These events range from selling organization merchandise to good old fashioned bake sales!

Campus Speaker Events

F&M Unleashed invites animal advocacy and research exprets from across the field (including professors, community leaders, and organization representatives) to hold speaker and discussion events revolving around the topics they champion. Keep an eye out for any emails and postings!

Bunny Hop

Every Easter F&M Unleashed holds our annual “Bunny Hop” event. This event aims to raise awareness of the mistreatment of rabbits during the easter season. We hope you join us for fun games and advocacy next Easter!

Black Cat Spooktacular

During the Halloween season, F&M Unleashed holds our annual Black Cat Spooktacular to raise awareness of the abuse and mistreatment of black cats brought about by superstitions. Make sure to stop by next Halloween season for some spooks, treats, and advocacy!

Cat Cafe feat. Valentine's Day

This February, join us at F&M Unleashed in relaxing with a feline friend at our annual Valentines day Cat café. Sweet treats and a variety of games should allow you the time to take a break from school and to learn more about cats and cat based advocacy through fun games and activities!

Our Fantastic Partners

Lancaster Farm Sanctuary

Lancaster Farm Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit farm animal sanctuary. Our mission is rescuing farmed animals and providing them sanctuary; inspiring humans to live with compassion and respect. Sarah Salluzzo and Jonina Turzi founded Lancaster Farm Sanctuary in July 2017.  Sarah and Jonina are motivated by their love for animals, humans and...

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Exotic Birds Rescue

Members volunteer at the Feathered Sanctuary Exotic Bird rescue where every effort is given to help birds in need find homes

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F&M Unleashed organizes students who are interested in helping cats, fishes, and other animals volunteer at the Centerville Pet Center. The center provides the training and our volunteers make a difference in the lives of the animals. This is a great way to meet new friends, while having fun!

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The Pennsylvania SPCA Lancaster Center operates out of the Mary K. Dano Animal Shelter - right in the heart of the city of Lancaster. F&M Unleashed members volunteer at the center by walking dogs and providing them with companionship. As a community hub, the Lancaster Center is dedicated to reuniting...

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 If you are interested in a partnership, please reach out to our groups Community Outreach Chair.