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  • DipMUNC Model United Nations 2019
-Christian Bogardus
  • F&M Model United Nations 2018
-Christian Bogardus
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Recent Conferences

University of Pennsylvania UPMUNC 2018:

  • Delegation from Franklin and Marshall College to The University of Pennsylvania Model United Nations Conference.

Gettysburg 2018:

Back - Matthew Turetsky, Joseph Wohlforth; Front - Rachel St. Louis, Christian Bordagus

Georgetown NCSC 2018:

  • Franklin and Marshall Model United Nations Members at NCSC 2018.
  • Second photo of F&M MUN members attending a conference in Washington D.C.

Princeton 2018: 

Yiyun Peng, Rachel St. Louis, Helen Ledebur, Spencer Silverman, Emma, Jian Shi, Horace Facey


Diplomats Model United Nations Conference 

Introducing F&Ms First Ever Annual Model United Nations Conference, DipMUNC

DipMUNC is  Franklin and Marshalls annual high school charity conference, wherein profits  from admissions revenues raised go directly towards a prize poll given to the winning delegations charity of choice.  More information and our official website can be found through the following portal:

                                                           (DipMUNC PORTAL)



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