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Opening new horizons of learning and service is a principal part of preparing students to take responsibility for themselves, their communities, and our global society. While the classroom remains central to providing the firm intellectual grounding necessary for post-graduate study or professional success, F&M also offers a wealth of opportunities — from African dance to water polo — for students to explore independently their favorite topics and share their knowledge, talents, and abilities. More than three-quarters of F&M students participate in community service, contributing annually nearly 70,000 hours of volunteer effort on behalf of local nonprofit organizations. 

Civic Engagement

Franklin & Marshall's commitment to civic engagement reflects a core institutional belief: that a true liberal arts education includes making meaningful contributions to one's community. Each year, F&M students log more than 60,000 hours of volunteer service, improving the lives of people in Lancaster, Central Pennsylvania, and around the world.

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Office of Multicultural Affairs

Believing that diversity challenges assumptions, opens minds, and unlocks our collective potential to solve any problem, at Franklin & Marshall we strive to create a campus community that welcomes, understands and celebrates all cultural backgrounds.    

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Student Engagement and Leadership

There's more to a college education than time in the classroom. At F&M, the experience extends to scores of clubs and organizations that offer students opportunities to socialize, have fun and explore independently favorite or tempting topics.  Or, feel free to  start your own club!

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Faith and Meaning

F&M's is a rich tapestry of religious communities. Students of faith seeking spiritual fulfillment and fellowship, as well as those who are on a faith journey, will find many opportunities available to them at F&M, where the various religious groups on campus are open to everyone.

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Athletics & Recreation

Athletics at Franklin & Marshall is more than football games on Saturday afternoons or the 26 other intercollegiate sports offered here. It's a whole lot of club sports, intramural sports, and terrific facilities for informal recreation, too. More than just a good way to work up a healthy sweat, we see athletics as a big part of an integrated...

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Fraternities & Sororities

Since the first fraternity was established on campus in 1853, F&M's fraternities and sororities  have been part of our of our living/learning community, offering interested students additional opportunities for intellectual advancement, leader development, responsible citizenship and community building.   

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