Meet the Staff

We aim to initiate, support, and advocate for approaches that can transform the Franklin and Marshall environment into one that fosters in its members a desire to embrace diversity and learning across cultural boundaries with respect, acceptance, civility and humility.

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Student-run Multicultural Groups

We strive to cultivate multicultural students' leadership development, heighten cultural awareness, and provide diversity education to our constituents.   

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Multicultural Events

In addition to Common Hour, the College arranges an extensive schedule of other socially engaging and thought-provoking presentations, exhibits and performances each year.  

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Ongoing Efforts in 2015-16 Promoting Diversity and Inclusiveness

At Franklin & Marshall, we seek to consciously create an environment of mutual respect, diversity and inclusion that recognizes the inherent dignity of all persons, honors a long tradition of service to our nation's democratic ideals, encourages and welcomes the contributions of different voices, and celebrates the collective strength of a campus...

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