Fraternity and Sorority Housing Options

Men's Fraternity Housing:

Chi Phi Fraternity House (On Campus - Land/Lease)

Phi Kappa Tau House (Off Campus)

Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity House (Off Campus -College Owned)

Kappa Sigma Fraternity House (Off Campus)

Phi Kappa Sigma (Off Campus)

Sigma Pi (Currently not housed)*Dormant Status

Zeta Beta Tau (Currently not housed)

Housing FAQs

Fraternity and Sorority Housing Options


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 Women's Sorority Housing:

Alpha Delta Pi (Off Campus - College Approved)

Alpha Phi (Off Campus - College Approved)

Alpha Xi Delta (Currently not housed)

Chi Omega (Off Campus - College Approved)

Kappa Delta (Off Campus - College Approved)

Housing FAQs

Residency Policy

Responsibilities of Residents

Franklin & Marshall College has a four-year residency policy requiring all enrolled students to live in college-approved housing all four years.  The obligations of students with respect to residence in College facilities are described in the College Life Manual. F&M FS are given special approved housing aligned to F&M Fraternity & Sorority Recognition. 

College Houses

All regularly enrolled first- and second-year students, except approved commuting students who live at home, are required to live within their assigned College House during the first and second years and in approved College housing for the remainder of their time at the College. Each spring, a room selection lottery process is held to secure housing for the next academic year.

Approved Men's Fraternity House Alcohol Policy

1. Alcohol is only permitted in private living quarters of chapter facilities for residents above the legal drinking age, and must be below 15% alcohol (hard alcohol)  by volume (ABV). “Hard Alcohol” is defined as any distilled beverage containing more than 0.15 alcohol by volume (ABV). 

Smoking Policy 

Smoking is not permitted in any of the College’s residential facilities or approved off campus apartments