Spring'19 Women's Primary|Membership Week 

January 16th - January 19th, 2020

The F&M Sorority Life will be open for registering Franklin & Marshall College Women of the Classes of '20, '21, '22 and '23 for this Spring 2020

Enrollment | Register Here
*Note a $17 Dollar fee is required to register.                                                            *Note a $36  Dollar Meal Plan required for Early F&M Return - Billed to Student Account. 
*These are non-refundable cost.  *Early return is required

If you have any questions: College Panhellenic Council V.P. of Membership  ~ Katie Benham  panhelfandm@gmail.com

Spring  Registration opens ~ TBA

 F&M Women's Sororities GPA Membership requirements:

Alpha Phi - 2.75
Alpha Delta Pi - 2.65
Chi Omega - 2.6
Kappa Delta - 2.6
Alpha Xi Delta - 2.5  

Membership Requirements:  Only 2nd Semester 1st Year - 4th Year (Senior) women with a 2.5 cumulative GPA who are not on restrictive probation is eligible for membership in an F&M Women's Fraternity. (Deferred Membership Policy

  1. 1st semester 1st Year F&M Students are not eligible for membership until the completion of one semester.  Students must complete seven (4) credits at Franklin & Marshall College
  2. All interested women must register with the F&M Panhellenic Council Registration System prior to the formal membership process. 
  3. All interested women must have completed a Preview Day session.
  4. All 1st Year F&M students must have completed all F&M Alcohol.Edu program components.
  5. The time period from bid acceptance to full initiation may not exceed six (6) weeks, and the program must end no later than 14 working days before the final day of classes. A Date of completion must be set and will be on record/reported to the Office of FS Life. 
  6. All women who accept membership must complete an NPC MRABA Form. Franklin & Marshall College Requires |Office of FS Life Bid Acceptance Form, Anti-Hazing policy Form, and an Academic Release Form.
Courage and Conviction - National Panhellenic Conference


Women’s Sororities are a positive part of the Franklin & Marshall experience. It's a life-long experience that is committed to providing opportunities for F&M Women who want to develop their greatest potential as students and as women. Sororities today are far more than just social organizations; they facilitate growth and development of their members and contribute much to the community. Use your first semester at F&M to determine for yourself if you would like to become a part of the F&M Sorority Life. Please know, however, that affiliation with a sorority is not a prerequisite for an active and successful college experience. Joining a women's fraternity or sorority, therefore, should be an individual decision, one which you make for yourself, not for your mother or your sister or best friend. Whether you join a sorority or not, Formal or Informal membership opportunities will be a time for making new friends and beginning a new and exciting part of your life. To learn more about our desire to advance sorority by tapping the collective potential, please take a moment to listen to our NPC Podcast and also share our new video “Our Potential. Your Move.”

Single Sex Organizations | Title IX

Franklin & Marshall College Philosophy Regarding Hazing

We care about the health, safety, dignity, success, and emotional and psychological well-being of students, about the ability of our student organizations & teams to be successful, about the health of our College community, and about advancing the mission of the institution. We take issue with any situations that students experience while  joining teams, clubs, and organizations that put these priorities at risk.

Hazing does not align with the F&M institutional mission as described below:
“...to teach them...to think critically...”
“...to instill in them the capacity for both independent and collaborative action...”
“...to foster in its students qualities of...character...”
“...that they may...contribute meaningfully to their occupations, their communities, and the world.”
Hazing is inconsistent and violates the F&M student code of conduct, specifically: Conduct which is unbecoming of a Franklin & Marshall student, defined as:
“...physical or verbal abuse or assault; threats; intimidation; harassment; coercion; and other conduct that threatens, instills fear, or infringes upon the rights, dignity, and integrity of any person.”