FS Risk & Standards Policies

F&M Fraternities & Sororities are chapters of their respective Internatinoal Fraternitiy/Sorority; bound by policies and codes of conduct. Each group has a standard set of policies, guidelines, requirements, procedures, and standards around event planning and management. All F&M FS Groups are expected to follow:

1. FIPG Risk Management Policies

2. F&M FS Groups Risk Management Policies 

3. F&M FS Groups Insurance Information

Event Registration Forms:

Forms for Fraternity & Sorority Functions 

FS EVENT REGISTRATION  Policies & Procedures

The College’s alcohol and event policies do not preclude fraternities and sororities from complying with the risk management guidelines set by their Inter/national organizations and insurance carriers. The College encourages these organizations to follow all of their risk management policies pertaining to alcohol, drugs, hazing, sexual assault, etc . FM FS Event Planning Process | Nine Step Planning 

Types of FS Events Requiring Registration
1. All Alcohol events/activities
2. All Community Service events/activities
3. Philanthropy/Fundraising events/activities
4. Sister/Brother event/activities on/off campus
5. Leadership Conference/Trip/Retreat events
6. Off campus chapter sponsored events/activities
7. Homecoming & Commencement events
8. Summer session events/activities hosted at properties
9. Alum & Family *Special Events                         *Co-Sponsored Events/Activities must be registered by both groups Ten business days (10) in advance. Signatures are required by both groups. 
*All New Member Activities must be registered and a written program plan and detailed schedule must be submitted to OFSL
*All New Member programs must be approved by the Inter/national HQ and Alumni/Advisory Team.
*Campus Reservations/Requests for use of College space, facilities, services will be on 'hold" or canceled if event is not registered with the Office of FS Life

Definition of a FS Event/Activity
A chapter social event is characterized and defined by, but not limited to the following:
A.  Indications of advertisement to chapter:
- Information concerning the event was announced in a chapter meeting
- Information concerning the event was posted to the chapter house
- Information concerning the event was e-mailed to chapter distribution list
- Information concerning the event was posted on the chapter Facebook page or to other on-line communities
B.  Hosted at a fraternity house or annex. An annex is defined as any residence of 10 or more members of a group.
C.  Many event attendees are from the chapter. The College considers 10 or more members at an event to be considered an fraternity/sorority event.
D.  Any event an observer would associate with the fraternity or sorority chapter.
This list is not exhaustive. If in doubt, the “Duck Theory” will supersede all other event definitions. (If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.)

Fraternity & Sorority Group Events 

Any activity for which the fraternity or sorority group pays, directly or indirectly, constitutes an event sponsored by that organization. Also, any event or activity that takes place in a living group’s house/space is the responsibility of the fraternity or sorority group. Fraternity or sorority groups that use any private, off-campus facility to host social events may be held accountable by the College for violations of City and Commonwealth laws. All off-campus events must be registered with F&M Campus Programs Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.
Greek organizations must follow procedures that promote compliance with State laws establishing a minimum drinking age.
Of-age lists will be provided by the College and used by each organization
Members who monitor the door must check Driver’s Licenses and use wristbands indicate which students are 21.
Only students that have gone through the TIPS training program may bartend events.
For formals, organizations are still required to meet Third Party Vendor requirements of Inter/national Fraternities/Sororities, FIPG, and College requirements.
Alcohol will be confiscated from students who are not of age and those students will be asked to leave the event

Guest List Procedure & Policy                      FS Social Event Planning Checklist               Social Event Monitor Agreement
F&M Approved Third Party Services   
F&M Office Risk Management Liability Waivers

FS Philanthropy & Service Planning​

 Why we Partner and Register Events & Activites

We care about the health, safety, dignity, success, and emotional and psychological well-being of students, about the ability of our student organizations & teams to be successful, about the health of our College community, and about advancing the mission of the institution. We take issue with any situations that students experience while  joining teams, clubs, and organizations that put these priorities at risk.

New Member Orientation & Programs Approval  

All F&M FS New Member Programs must be approved 10 Days in advance of the beginning of the New Member Program.


Anonymous Hazing Reporting

Click here for the definition of hazing and a form to submit anonymous hazing reports.


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