Annual Educational Programming & Growth 

Franklin & Marshall College is an environment that facilitates the intellectual, social, and personal growth of its students.  Leaders within the Greek Lettered organizations are charged with helping to create this invigorating environment by sponsoring and organizing a variety of programs throughout the academic year. Fraternity & Sorority leaders will use both college-sponsored and chapter-originated programs to meet their members’ developmental needs.  Four broad themes have been developed to help guide chapter programming efforts (academic/intellectual, social/community building, personal development, cultural awareness).

Fraternities and sororities, because of their commitment to the ideals of brotherhood and sisterhood, are well positioned to implement programs designed to foster an inclusive and open environment.  Chapters should maximize the resources provided by College offices, international headquarters and alumni/ae members to help further the development of their members and others within the college community.  

F&M FS Life Focuses on Five Areas of Excellence

#1 Seeking Purpose | Living with purpose through understanding and being guided by our values as taught by our Rituals. We believe in having organizations that provide an experience which promotes individual growth and development toward authentic lives and purpose. This is F&Mily!
#2 Leadership Development | The development of positive leadership skills, practices and beliefs grounded in the ability to make a difference in the world. This is F&Mily!
#3 Intellectual Advancement | The development of the intellect inside and outside the classroom, with students engaging in their academic pursuits as well as intellectually stimulating conversations and actions to achieve a passion for lifelong learning. This is F&Mily!
#4 Responsible Citizenship | Giving of ourselves through engagement in the community, serving others, being socially responsible and providing the means for the advancement of others. This is F&Mily!
#5 Community Building | Contributing to the multiple communities that exist in our world. We believe in authentically respecting others, engaging in cross-cultural conversations and activities, removing barriers and creating an environment where all kinds of people are welcomed and embraced. This is F&Mily!


Component Descriptions

College Sponsored Programs.  The Five topical areas below will be addressed annually in instructional educational programming format.
•    Hazing
•    Social Event Management & Risk Reduction
•    Alcohol and other drugs
•    Healthy gender relations and sexual misconduct
•    Diversity and cultural awareness
The College will provide speakers, educational experiences and instructional programs  in each area.  Every chapter must show evidence that at least 70% (Participation Standard) of its members attend the Five College sponsored programs.  Attendance information will be submitted via the Mandatory Program Certification Form.  
Chapter Sponsored Programs.  Each chapter is expected to provide one program in each (Four) theme9(s) area per year.  The theme areas are:
•    Academic/intellectual
•    Social/community building
•    Personal development
•    Cultural awareness  
In contrast to the College sponsored programs above, the chapter is responsible for initiating the program opportunity.  This does not mean that chapter leaders must plan the programs themselves; the chapter can mobilize to attend a program already planned by another chapter, or by another campus organization (a common hour event, for example). A wide variety of program planning resources are available in the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life and through National Headquarters.

Excellence and Collaboration in Programming.  This section addresses the importance of involving faculty in chapter activities, and the desirability of collaborating with other campus organizations.  Extra credit points can be earned in this section by completing more than four chapter sponsored programs per year, and by co-sponsoring two or more programs with other Fraternities/Sororities and non-Greek Lettered organizations.