Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMCA) plans and coordinates


  • Martin Luther King Remembrance Day 
  • OMCA Awards-- recognizing multicultural/diversity programming on campus
  • Diversity Change Agents  Program-- faciliate a Social Justice 101 workshop
  • Radio Show -the a weekly 1 hour Radio Show to promote diversity and awareness on campus and Lancaster listening body 

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Student Leaders

OMCA is  open and available to work with all students. We are able to provide guidance and supplemental funding for Multicultural Programming on campus.  For more information about active multicultural clubs, please go to the club site link or contact OMCA 

Club Site

Meet the Staff

We aim to initiate, support, and advocate for approaches that can transform the Franklin and Marshall environment into one that fosters in its members a desire to embrace diversity and learning across cultural boundaries with respect, acceptance, civility and humility.

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Transformational Intergroup Dialogues

Transformational Intergroup Dialogue (TID) is a social justice education approach which promotes intergroup cooperation and understanding through dialogue.  The Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Office of Faith and Meaning, together with representation from the College House System, arrange dialogues each semester that cover issues from nine...

The Diversity Change Agent Program

  The DCAs are diverse and committed students selected and trained by our office to facilitate a peer-to-peer workshop entitled Social Justice 101 (SJ101).  It is a 1hr introductory-level workshop designed to introduce students to topics of multiculturalism and social justice.  give them an opportunity to dialogue and learn from their peers about...

Multicultural Events

In addition to Common Hour, the College arranges an extensive schedule of other socially engaging and thought-provoking presentations, exhibits and performances each year.  

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