In Need of Immediate Help? 

Know Where to Go For Help

In an emergency, call 911 or contact the Department of Public Safety (DPS)  at 717-358-3939.

Access 24-Hour Resources
Student Health & Wellness 

Student Wellness Center

A health care partnership between Lancaster General Health and F&M, the Student Wellness Center (SWC) is a fully integrated center that provides accessible, confidential, high quality medical and mental health services for students.

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F&M has a plethora of resources available to assist you with whatever situation you’re facing. DipCares is a program on campus that ensures you, faculty and staff are aware of these resources and how to access them.  

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Student Wellness Education and Violence Prevention

The Office of Student Wellness Education and Violence Prevention (WE-VP) provides education for students, staff and faculty on wellness related topics and violence prevention.   

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Mindfulness at F&M

Mindfulness at F&M is a program that works with students, faculty, and staff to promote well-being, compassion and a renewed sense of awareness across campus. 

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Student Accessibility Services

The Office of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) works with students who have disabilities to determine reasonable accommodations and ensure that they have equal access to all aspects of their education. This includes academic, dining, and housing needs. 

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Academics & Wellness 

The science of learning tells us that academics and wellness are not mutually exclusive, but rather integral and interrelated parts of success in college. Learning is optimal when stress is minimal. As such, we are committed to providing students at F&M a holistic system of academic and wellness support in an effort to deconstruct educational, personal, and social challenges and co-construct positive, productive, and healthy habits. 

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F&M’s academic support programs help ensure that all students on campus benefit from equitable opportunities for academic participation and success.

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Peer Support Collective

F&M's Peer Support Collective includes  peer mentors, tutors, and academic coaches who strive to make support at F&M accessible & visible. Every F&M student can access the Peer Support Collective on Canvas: just enter any course and scroll down the left-hand menu to find us!   

Peer Support Collective on Canvas (F&M login required)

Public Safety & Emergency Services

Anytime, day or night, students can rest assured that there are trained, licensed professionals available and ready to support them when needed.

Public Safety

The Franklin & Marshall College Department of Public Safety (DPS) is an Accredited Law Enforcement Agency. DPS works around the clock to maintain a safe atmosphere for faculty, staff, students and visitors and ensure the F&M community is a safe one for living and learning.

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Emergency Medical Services

Franklin & Marshall Emergency Medical Service is a Basic Life Support (BLS) unit licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. It provides emergency response to the members of F&M and the surrounding Lancaster City community. 

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Fitness & Recreation

Athletics at F&M is more than football games on Saturday afternoons. It's club sports, intramural sports, and terrific facilities for informal recreation, too. More than just a good way to work up a healthy sweat, we see athletics as a big part of an integrated education, providing important lessons in leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance. So, whether it's basketball, tennis, rugby or even ultimate Frisbee, there's an athletic outlet for you at F&M. 

Diplomat Athletics

F&M is among an elite group of liberal arts colleges that maintain exceptional academic standards while also competing in Division III athletics at a highly successful level. We embrace the educational value of competitive sports and structure our athletic programs to maximize their contribution to student development. We view the athletic...

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Intramurals (IMs) are a collection of one-day tournaments, special events, and leagues that put F&M student organized teams against other F&M student organized teams. IMs vary in their competitiveness from activity to activity and from team to team. 

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Club Sports

From cycling to ultimate frisbee, volleyball to water polo, club sports are a variety of traditional and non-traditional activities that compete in leagues and tournaments against other club teams from colleges and universities from around the region and country.  

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Fitness Classes

The Department of Athletics & Recreation is committed to providing fitness and recreation opportunities to the F&M community that promotes a healthy lifestyle, relieves stress, and encourages positive social interaction. From yoga to barre, mindful strength training to group lap swims,  F&M has a robust offering of fitness and recreational...

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No Matter What, Support is Available 

If you’re stuck and in need of help—no matter the issue—you can always start by talking with your College House dean or housing adviser (HA) and they can direct you to the right place. We just want to make sure you know you are not alone, especially when you are struggling.