Thanksgiving Break begins at 6:05 p.m. on Tuesday, November 26, 2019.  Classes resume on Monday, December 2, 2019 at 8 am.  *College administrative offices are closed Wednesday November 27 - Sunday December 1.  Public Safety and Blue Line are the exceptions to this* 


Any students who wish to remain on campus for ANY part of the break (Tuesday night - Sunday morning) MUST register (including athletes).  Students who live off-campus are also asked to register for safety purposes.  If students do not register, their ID Card access to buildings will be inactive during the break.  Please register to stay for THANKSGIVING BREAK here by Wednesday 11/20 at 8am. 

  • Lunch on Tuesday 11/26 is the final meal plan meal before the break. 
  • Students that would like to purchase a Thanksgiving Break-only meal plan can do so by singing  up via the break registration link.  The meal plan will be a 8-voucher system for $50 and only work for Blue Line.  Students receiving financial aid, accepting all loans, and currently on a fall semester meal plan will be eligible for a discounted rate.  Auxillary Services will administer this meal plan program.
  • College House kitchens will be closed.  Students are reminded that it is violation of housing policy to cook in their rooms. 
  • Blue Line Cafe will be open every day of break EXCEPT Thanksgiving Day (11/28).  Remember - meal plans will not be in effect after Tuesday lunch, but vouchers and Ben's Bucks will be accepted. 
    • Tuesday: 7am - 4pm (please pick up dinner early and use vouchers)
    • Wednesday, Friday, Saturday of break:  9am - 5 pm.
    • Sunday: 10am - 10pm
  • President Altmann will host a Thanksgiving Dinner on campus on Wednesday, November 27.   Sign up to attend on the registration form.  At this dinner, you will be able to take a box meal back to your room to eat the following day, as well, when most food venues are closed for the holiday. 
  • There will also be opportunities to attend a Thanksgiving meal at the home of an F&M Faculty or Staff member.  Please see the sign-up email that will come from the Office of Student Affairs to be paired up with other students and a family.
  • In-season athletes should speak with their coaches regarding meals provided.
  • The fall semester meal plan resumes with DINNER on Sunday December, 1.

See the Break Information Site HERE for more information about shuttles, dorm info, Lancaster Loop, emergency services, etc.
Laundry Services

Laundry Services

Students living on campus can easily see when washing machines and dryers are available and even receive an alert when one opens up!  Select your hall from the drop down menu.

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Valet Laundry Service - Optional

Do your own laundry or let Festiva Laundry service do it for you.  Optional service available to students.  Laundry is picked up and dropped off weekly on campus. 

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