Living on Campus

F&M's College Houses are more than merely places to hang out, sleep and study. They are places to acquire and hone leadership and collaboration skills as the members of each house decide their own government structure, craft a constitution, elect leaders, discuss and plan house-sponsored events, determine how the house's substantial annual budget will be spent, and generally take charge of all the other who, what, when, why and hows of their particular collective on campus. And to help fuel all of that activity, Campus Dining provides an innovative and appealing dining services program featuring great food, honest values, and comfortable settings in a variety of locations all within easy walking distance of practically any spot on campus (and many nearby off-campus places, too!).

College Houses

A distinctive feature of the Franklin & Marshall experience is the College House residential community. These are not run-of-the-mill dormitories, but lively hubs of intellectual, extracurricular and social engagement governed by the students who live there.  

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About Our Residential Facilities

All first-year students are assigned to one of the five College Houses. Upper class college housing is managed with an annual housing lottery held each Spring.   

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Student Living

In this section, you will find information about theme and special interest housing, renters insurance, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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Related Services

Dining Services

Franklin & Marshall Campus Dining provides great food, honest values, and a comfortable atmosphere in a variety of restaurants, all conveniently located within walking distance of on-campus housing, labs/classrooms and many off-campus apartments.  

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Shipping and Storage

The College offers various programs to meet the shipping and storage needs of all Franklin & Marshall students. 

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Laundry Services

Students living on campus can easily see when washing machines and dryers are available and even receive an alert when one opens up!  Select your hall from the drop down menu.

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Valet Laundry Service - Optional

Do your own laundry or let Festiva Laundry service do it for you.  Optional service available to students.  Laundry is picked up and dropped off weekly on campus. 

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