2021-2022 Room Selection Information

Franklin & Marshall has a great variety of housing options for students - single and double rooms, suites, apartments, and special interest, theme and Greek houses. Beginning in April and continuing through the spring term there are a number of housing processes which take place, offering students the opportunity to select housing for the following fall semester. 

There are separate processes for Housing options such as:

Students who do not receive housing in one of these options participate in the annual Room Selection Process (aka Lottery).  Students will select their roommate/s  in the housing software once they are assigned a lottery time.

Students who did not select housing through the Room Selection Process (aka Lottery) will receive a housing assignment from the Housing Office in the weeks prior to the start of the fall semester. 

Questions are welcome so feel free to contact us if you need a little help. We encourage you to read through this document and save it as a reference. The information can also be found HERE.

All Students: Housing Applications

  • All students who will be enrolled for the 2021-2022 academic year must complete a Housing Application (unless abroad Fall 2021). 

  • Beginning April 2, students should log in to Inside F&M, click on the “My Info” tab then “My Housing Self-Service”. Click on “Applications” and complete and submit the application form.  
  • The deadline for returning students is Tuesday, June 1, 2021. 
  • Students who plan to participate in the Room Selection Process and do not complete the housing application by the deadline are issued a lottery participation time at the end of their class year section.
  • If you plan to be abroad for fall 2021, do not complete a Housing Application at this time.

Please use this opportunity to UPDATE answers to the Housing Questions, Emergency Contact Information, AND Missing Person Information.

Students who should complete a Housing Application have:

  • Signed a lease for College Row
  • Signed a lease for College Hill
  • Renewed in an off campus apartment in College Row, College Hill or JSP
  • Been pulled into an off campus apartment
  • Been selected for a theme house
  • Been selected as an HA
  • Plan to live in Greek housing
  • Are on leave of absence and expect to return to campus for Fall 2021

Medical Housing Accommodation

  • Any student in need of a medical housing accommodation should complete the appropriate forms and submit to the Office of Student Accessibility Services for consideration by May 1st.
  • Each accommodation request is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Personal Property Insurance 

  • The College strongly encourages students to consider personal property insurance.
  • Some students may already have coverage through their family’s homeowners insurance.
  • Students may opt into Grad Guard Personal Property Insurance while completing their application. Credit card information will be collected but students won’t be billed until closer to the time of move in.
  • Personal property insurance is required in off campus apartment spaces.

Room Selection Process:

The  Room Selection Process has been designed to be fair and equitable to all participants. Please contact the Housing Office at housing@fandm.edu with additional questions after reading this email.

Phase 1 – Lease Renewal

Rising Seniors-'22 and rising Juniors-'23

The first phase of room selection takes place during the month of April and will allow students already living in Off-campus Approved Student Housing at College Row, College Hill or the James Street Properties (JSP) to renew leases for the 2021-2022 academic year. These individuals will be contacted with details on how to renew leases and the various deadlines for renewal.


Students Who Decide to Stay in College Row, College Hill or James Street Properties Next Year 

  • Student must fill their apartment unit with eligible (currently enrolled) rising Seniors or rising Juniors of their choosing as space permits.  
  • Note: this is a condition of lease renewal. Students must fill apartments with eligible students in order to renew their lease. 
  • Depending on availability, the College Row property manager will work with individual students who wish to live in College Row and need assistance with finding a compatible roommate/unit.
  • This phase of room selection will be completed by the end of April 2021.

Rising Seniors and rising Juniors that have not previously lived in either College Row or College Hill may pursue residence in either location for 2021-2022 PRIOR to the annual Housing Lottery. Eligible students may schedule an appointment with the property manager for the location (contact information above) to discuss unit availability. 

Off-Campus Lease Terms

  • All off campus leases are a 12-month commitment beginning June 1, 2021 (even if you will not be in Lancaster over the summer). 
  • Apartment utilities begin June 1 at the start of the lease. 
  • All leaseholders share in the costs even if they are not residing in the apartment. 

***Rising Sophomores are not permitted to live in College Hill, College Row or the non-theme house James Street Properties. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to housing@fandm.edu.



  • “Squatting” (staying in the same room next fall) is an option available to rising Seniors in off-campus spaces. 
  • Squatting students do not need to move out at the end of their lease term if they are renewing in the same room
  • Students moving to a new bedroom or unit must move out completely at the end of their lease term on May 17, 2021. 
  • Students will be able to move into their new space when their new lease starts on June 1, 2021.
  • NOTE: The policy regarding squatting is being reviewed and may change for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Phase 2 – Special Interest, Theme and Greek Housing

Rising Seniors (2022), rising Juniors- (2023), rising Sophomores (2024)

Phase 2 of the process is for rising Seniors, rising Juniors and rising Sophomores applying to live in one of the available Theme House options. This phase runs concurrent with Phase 1.   

  • The application process for theme houses opens April 2 through Friday, April 30. 
  • Students that wish to live in a theme house will complete the online Theme House application
  • Rising Seniors and rising Juniors will be given priority in the theme house locations. 
  • Greek organizations and Special Interest Houses also determine which student members (rising Seniors or Juniors only) will reside in those spaces in 2021-2022. 
  • The deadline to report bed assignments for residents is Friday, April 30.

Phase 3 – Room Selection

Rising Seniors (2022), rising Juniors- (2023), rising Sophomores (2024)

The third phase of room selection is the online Room Selection Process (aka Lottery). In order to appropriately prepare for the fall 2021 semester, this year’s process has been delayed. 

  • Room selection for fall 2021 will take place in two stages. Selection for open apartment spaces in JSP properties or College Row will take place in May and for on-campus spaces on June 15 & 16. 
  • Room Selection participation times will be issued by the Housing Office in advance to give ample time for students to plan. More information about the lottery will be given at that time.  
  • Students will select their roommate/s  in the housing software once they are assigned a lottery time.
  • Housing Office personnel will host multiple housing information forums virtually to ensure students understand the lottery process. More information will be sent to students at a later date to provide the dates for those virtual events. 
  • Dining plan selection for the fall 2021 semester will take place from the time of the lottery through August 2021.

Students who will not receive a lottery participation time include: 

  • Students who have signed a lease for College Row or College Hill
  • Students who have renewed a lease in an off-campus property or have been pulled into an off-campus apartment
  • Students who have been selected to live in a theme, special interest or Greek-affiliated house
  • Students who have been selected as HAs

For students participating in the lottery, rising Seniors have a higher priority than rising Juniors; rising Juniors will have a higher priority than rising Sophomores.  

NOTE: Housing options in the room selection process include double and triple rooms as well as suites and apartments, where multiple students share a space. Students should form their friend groups carefully after receiving their lottery participation time. Changes to housing after the lottery must be approved by the Director of Housing and the House Dean. 

In order of lottery participation time, the online system allows students to select any available room, suite or apartment from the menu of approved housing options. 

  • Students will be able to select from available spaces in the College Houses, theme houses, Thomas Hall, Schnader Hall, or College-owned West James Street Apartments. 
  •  Juniors and Seniors may select from available James Street Properties (JSP).  
  • Rising Sophomore, Junior or Senior students affiliated with ANY College House may form a friend group to live in Thomas Hall, Schnader Hall OR the college owned 534 W. James apartments. 
  • Viewing for available spaces will be 24 hours prior to the start of the lottery process. 
  • Not available to rising Sophomores are spaces in College Hill, College Row, Greek affiliated or a non-theme house JSP property.
  • Graduating Seniors are not permitted to “pass down” an off-campus apartment to underclassmen.

Students who select a double room, suite or apartment in this phase must "pull in" other rising Seniors, Juniors or Sophomores to fill the space. 

Students will have the option to place their name on a waitlist if a desired space is no longer available at the time of their selection. Those students on the waitlist will be placed into housing in the weeks leading up to the fall semester.

Finding a Roommate

Most rising Sophomores will be housed in double rooms either in their College House or in Thomas or Schnader Halls.  This is a wonderful part of the College experience. If you do not already have a roommate in mind,  please utilize My College Roomie (MCR) to connect with other F&M students. Otherwise, the Housing Office or your College House Dean can assist you in finding a roommate by either pairing you with a roommate through a questionnaire or by connecting you with others also searching for a roommate. If you have any questions, please contact Housing@fandm.edu.


Summer Sublets

Students may sublet to currently enrolled F&M students following the rules of their apartment unit.

  • Students who choose to sublet cannot move in until June 1 or after.

  • Any damages to the room/unit are the responsibility of the leaseholder and not the sublet student. Collecting a security deposit from the student you sublet to is highly recommended. 
  • If you wish to sublet your apartment for all or part of the summer, please report to the Property Manager and complete the required paperwork. 
  • You can post your sublet opportunity on Inside F&M > Community tab > Student Housing.


Cost Information

Housing costs and a cost comparison chart is posted HERE .

Not sure if your financial aid will cover an off-campus apartment? 

  • Important financial aid information specific to off-campus housing can be found HERE.