Junior & Senior  Living

Junior & Senior students choose from the widest range of housing options - both on campus and off. These students have the opportunity to continue to live in their College House, a traditional residence hall (Schnader Hall) or a suite style residence (Thomas Hall) by selecting a room through the Housing Lottery. Upperclass students also have the option of applying to live in a theme house or special interest house.  Several of Franklin & Marshall College’s Fraternities and Sororities have residences on or near the campus which is an option for students who hold memberships in those organizations.  

Juniors and Seniors may also choose to live off-campus. As a part of the College’s four-year residency policy, three off-campus property locations have been approved for F&M students.  Students interested in College Hill or College Row apartments make lease arrangements directly with the management companies - a process which typically begins in November for the following academic term.  James Street Properties (JSP) apartments are selected through the College’s Housing Lottery each Spring. Scroll down for more information on each of these options.

Living off-campus brings new opportunities and new responsibilities. Students who choose to live off-campus agree to a year-long (12-month) rental agreement.  This is their responsibility for the entire length of the lease as there is no guarantee of finding a sub-tenant. Arrangements for rent payments and utilities are conducted directly with the management company and the utility provider. These arrangements vary depending on the location. Students may decide to reduce or opt out of their campus meal plan.   

As students enter this new relationship it is essential to remember that their actions may impact people who have different work schedules, noise tolerance, and expectations of behaviors than a typical college student. Students are responsible for their behavior and are held accountable by both the College and the local community.

Junior & Senior Housing Options

James Street Property



There are 246 James Street Property (JSP) beds available to junior and senior students only.  These locations all have a 12 month occupancy agreement. All apartments are fully furnished and each single bedroom has a full sized XL bed (mattress size = 54"X 80").  Students share the cost of the utilities to include gas, electric, cable (if desired) and internet paid directly to the utility companies.  There is a washer and dryer in each apartment.  The housing fees and security deposit will be billed by Franklin & Marshall College on a semester basis. The Fall semester includes June through December.  The Spring semester includes January through mid May. Students are strongly encouraged to purchase renter's insurance to ensure the safety of their personal property. See the above link for more information.  A $500 security deposit per student is charged to the student account and is held for the entire term of occupancy for potential damages.  Spaces are available only in the annual housing lottery.

534 W. James  



In the College owned West James Apartments, at 534 W. James Street, all utilities are included. This location is available to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.  Each student receives a fully furnished apartment with furniture similar to the residence halls including a twin XL bed. This location is a 9 month housing commitment with the same housing occupancy dates as on campus housing. A $200 annual deposit is collected for potential damages. We encourage all students to consider and purchase a renter's insurance policy for personal property protection. Spaces are available only in the annual housing lottery.


College Hill Apartments 



All College Hill rooms are fully furnished and each bedroom has a full sized bed. This location is available to Junior and Senior students only. This location is a 12 month lease occupancy. Tenants are responsible for their portion of gas and electric utilities and are responsible for setting up their own cable service, if desired. Water, sewer and trash are included in the rent. Each apartment is equipped with F&M wireless service included in the cost of the rent.  Laundry facilities are available to students at no additional cost. This location is managed by Susquehanna Realty Management. Rent, gas and electric are paid monthly directly to Susquehanna Realty Management and not to Franklin & Marshall.  TV cable service, if desired, is paid directly to the cable company (Comcast). Proof of renter's insurance is required at this location. A security deposit of $950 per student is collected at lease signing and held until the end of the lease term for potential damages.  A lease application fee is required at this location. These spaces are available to students prior to the annual lottery. The property manager, Angela White, can be reached at 717.393.8400 or angela@susqrealty.com.

College Row Apartments 



Campus Crossings at College Row comprises two buildings along Harrisburg Avenue and offers fully furnished one-bedroom, one-bedroom studio, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom student apartments, all designed with the latest safety and communications technologies.  This location is available to Junior and Senior students only. This location is a 12 month lease occupancy. All rooms are fully furnished and the bedroom has a full sized XL bed (mattress size = 54"X 80"). Internet and laundry are included in the monthly rental cost.  Students share the cost of electric with their roommates and pay directly to the utility company.  Assigned parking spaces are available to each resident, if desired, for an additional cost.  This location is managed by Campus Apartments. Rent is paid monthly to Campus Apartments and not to Franklin & Marshall. Proof of renter's insurance is required at this location. A $350 security deposit is collected at lease signing from each new resident and will be held for the entire lease term for potential damages.  A lease application fee is required at this location.​ These spaces are available prior to the annual lottery. The property manager, Kelsey Greth, can be reached at 717.291.9333 or collegerow.leasing@campusapts.com.


Financial Aid & Renters Insurance

Off-Campus Housing Financial Aid

Discover what you need to know if  you're considering living in College-approved off-campus housing and you receive need-based financial aid.

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Renters Insurance

We encourage all students to purchase personal property renter's insurance to protect their personal property.  

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Off-Campus Housing Contact Information 

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