Personal Property Renter's Insurance

The college encourages ALL students to purchase personal property renter's insurance to protect their personal property.  This type of  insurance provides valuable protection if your personal belongings are stolen or damaged, including laptop computers, smart phones, bicycles, game consoles, text books, clothing and other personal items.  If your laptop or other valuables are stolen, you are responsible for replacing them, not the College.  With the GradGuard renter's insurance plan, any personal items that are stolen or damaged can be replaced at full cost subject to a $100 deductible.  Renter's insurance also protects you financially for unintentional damage to your apartment or bodily injury for which you are liable. 

Students living in off campus apartment spaces at College Row, College Hill or a James Street Property (JSP) are required to carry personal property renter's insurance for the term of the lease or occupancy.  Proof of an insurance policy is required prior to moving into your apartment unit on June 1st.  If you are a student renewing your lease you will need to provide proof of  extension of  your coverage. Arts House residents need proof of  a policy by Friday, August 27th (or the date you move in). The policies offered are affordable annual contracts based on the student move in day.

Students can also purchase this protection plan if they will be abroad for one or both academic semesters. Their personal property is protected while away but the liability coverages do not apply.

Students may also carry a personal property renter's insurance policy from an independent insurance carrier of their choice.