Housing Lottery

Housing Lottery will begin on Thursday, 4/21, at 7 p.m.  and will commence on Sunday, 4/24/22.

Students have specific lottery participation times that can be found on

Inside F&M > My Info > My Housing Self-Service


Franklin & Marshall has a 4-year residency policy requiring all enrolled students to live within the college's portfolio of housing all four years. Any student in their fifth year of enrollment will need to live in a college approved location.

All first-year students are required to live in their assigned College House.  Second year students may choose to live in their College House, in theme housing or in one of the residential quad annex buildings, Thomas or Schnader.  Juniors and Seniors may select to live in their College House, in theme housing, in an annex building on the residential quad or in an approved off campus housing apartment within the college's portfolio.  The College House system seeks to build community among residents of the houses by promoting the idea of continuous membership.  Student housing is reserved for currently enrolled students only. 

On campus and theme house options are a 9-month academic year commitment and all utilities are included in the semester cost.  Off campus apartment spaces are 12-month leases with additional utility expenses and security deposit.

College Owned Housing 2022-2023 Rates

Double Room -             $4450 per semester.

Single Room -               $4826 per semester.

Suite Room -                  $5002 per semester.

Roschel Apt -                 $5224 per semester.

534 W. James Apt -   $5108 per semester. 

Need a Housing or Dining Accommodation 

Please visit  Office of Student Accessibility Services for a Housing or Dining Accommodation. 

The deadline for NEW incoming Fall Admission Students is May 1st.

The deadline for Returning Students is 2/27 for the Fall and 11/1 for Spring.

Note: Dates may change due to unforseeable circumstances.


Housing Application


The deadline for the Housing Application 2022-2023 is Sunday, March 20, 2022.

Students that do not complete the Housing Application  risk not being included in the annual Housing Lottery. They will not receive a lottery participation time. If  the student completes the Housing Application after the deadline, they will be issued a lottery participation time at the end of their class year.

NOTE:  IF YOU PLAN TO GO ABROAD FALL 2022, PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE A HOUSING APPLICATION. You will work with the Housing Office to secure housing when you return from abroad in Spring of 2023.

All rising sophomores, juniors and seniors must complete a Housing Application (unless they plan to be abroad Fall 2022) in order to secure housing for the 2022-2023 academic year.  You should complete the application even if you are living in an off campus location and plan to renew in the same apartment/room or if you are pulled into an apartment with a friend for the 2022-2023 academic year.  To access the Housing Application, please log in to Inside F&M, click on the "My Info" tab then "My Housing Self  Service".​  Click on "Applications".  Select and complete the Housing Application for 2022-2023 which is now active.  

Studying Off Campus? 

If you plan to go abroad for the Fall semester 2022, do not complete a Housing Application or participate in the 2022 Housing Lottery to select a Fall 2022 assignment.

If  a student is undecided about pursuing off-campus study at the time of the lottery, they should participate, but notify The Housing  Office if you later decide to be away.  Students SHOULD NOT sign a lease at College Row or College Hill with a start date of June 1, 2022 if there is any chance that they will go abroad in the Fall semester.  Subletting is not permitted during the academic year (only during the summer months).

Students are not permitted to "pass down" a unit if they are going abroad and moving out. If there is any chance that you may EXTEND your abroad experience into the Spring 2023 semester, please do not sign a Spring 2023 only lease at College Row or College Hill.  We will help you secure housing on your return if your plans change.

It is recommended that you apply to a program as early as possible and make arrangements for your housing at F&M. If your plans change and you decide to stay on campus, please notify housing@fandm.edu and they will work with you to provide options for suitable and appropriate housing for the semester.  If you are planning to live in College Hill or College Row and need to find a semester replacement, post your vacancy on the campus F&M Bulletin Board - Student Housing, [requires F&M NetID login].

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many students pre-arrange housing prior to going abroad with friends that are going abroad the opposite semester. If students do not pre-arrange housing they will work with The Housing  Office to secure housing for their return.  Vacancies are based solely on the spaces created by students going abroad Spring 2023.  The College does not promise or guarantee that students will be able to secure housing with one, two or three student friends on their return.  The returning student and The Housing Office look at available options to determine the best fit for the returning student.