Welcome, New Students!

Congratulations to all incoming students! We look forward to providing you with more information in the coming months. You will be using the F&M Application Portal to complete all required matriculation documents so make sure you continously check your F&M Gmail account and the portal for updates.

New Student Checklist 

We hope this to-do list can serve as a quick reference for you.  If you have any questions regarding the items to be completed, please contact the office requesting the information.  

Please also check out the "What to Expect" list for a timeline of when you can expect to hear about various items of interest.

You will receive an email from the ITS Helpdesk shortly after your matriculation fee is processed.  Please be sure to set up your account as soon as possible.  Follow the instructions in the email you receive.  Contact 717-358-6789 if you need assistance with your email.

When to expect: item: who should complete: When it's due Office:

Rolling basis; when Enrollment Fee is paid 

Accessing your F&M email account.

All students

Please check that you can access your account immediately after receiving  an email from ITS

ITS Office,  717-358-6789 


New Student Matriculation Surveys

All students-you will be able to access this through your F&M Application Portal. You will also receive information for how to ask questions of your advisors.


Office of Student Affairs


Housing Application

All students-instructions for completing the application will be sent to F&M email address.

International students will find this email in their personal accounts. (Housing and Roommate notification; first week of August).

July 14


Rolling Basis

Student Health Form

Please check the F&M Application Portal for how to complete this step. 


Student Wellness Center

Early May

Pre-Orientation Program Applications

If you plan to participate in a pre-orientation program.

Varies, read application information carefully

Various offices

Available now on their website

Self-Identification & Accommodation Form

If you will require any sort of special services or accommodations.

June 1

Office of Disability Services


Check Financial Aid account 

If you have applied for Financial Aid, log on to MyAid to check your account.


Office of Financial Aid


Math Placement Exam 

Please access the F&M Applications Portal for information regarding Math

June 16



Language Placement Exam

Please access the F&M Applications Portal for information regarding  Language Placement

June 16

Modern Languages


Submit Photo for F&M ID

Please check the F&M Application Portal for how to submit your photo.


Auxiliary Services

Early August

Payment of Fall bill

Fall bill will be emailed to students in July.

Students will receive housing assignments.

First week of August

Student Accounts and Billing 


Get Oriented

Pre-Orientation Programs

Get involved prior to Orientation.

Read more

International Student Orientation

Helpful information in preparation for your Orientation.  

Read More

Orientation and Move-in

Move-in Day schedule available here.  

Read More

What You Need to Know