Now that you're a member of the F&Mily, you'll need to know how the natives speak! We have you covered with this handy guide to the language our students use every day on campus. If it looks like too much homework for a summer, fear not! We'll cover it all in depth at Orientation Weekend in August. See you soon!

The translation guide to all things F&M:

1787: The year that Franklin College was founded (which later merged with Marshall College in 1853), and also the name of a social space located on the first floor of College Square (see College Square).

ASFC: Short for Alumni Sports & Fitness Center, where our students gather to exercise and follow the action of some of our 27 athletic teams.

Bagel Breakfast: Every College House hosts  a bagel breakfast once a week. Each house will buy bagels and members of that house are welcome to eat a bagel and talk to their peers and the dean and don.

Baker Campus: A sweeping green space with athletic fields, gardens, and an observatory just a few blocks west of the main campus (you can walk there in 10 minutes).

  • Mascots Ben and John welcome the new generation of Diplomats.

Ben & John: The F&M Diplomat mascots and college founders, Benjamin Franklin & John Marshall.

Ben’s Underground: A place to hang with friends, play pool and eat fried food! It's located in the basement of the main dining hall (see D-Hall).

CC: Shorthand for Steinman College Center. Often used to reference the dining space on the first floor of the building, which also houses the mail center and the Phillips Museum of Art.

College Square: A building located near the AFSC that houses the College's Student Wellness Center, Title IX Office, Accessibility Services division and others.

Common Hour: Each week, F&M hosts a discussion about important academic or cultural phenomenona designed to spark intellectually stimulating dialogue on our campus. Students are encouraged to attend and submit event ideas. No other campus activities or meetings are scheduled during Common Hour.

CROW: Shorthand for College Row apartments. The junior and senior apartments on Harrisburg Avenue are above commercial businesses such as Iron Hill and Salon 717. 

  • Photo from Flapjack Fest in the Ben Franklin Dining Hall on Monday, April 29th, 2013 between 9 p.m. and midnight. Held each semester, the event brings students together for breakfast fare just before the beginning of final exams. The Office of College Programs, College Entertainment Committee and the College Houses co-sponsor the event.

Members of the faculty and professional staff pitch in to help serve the meal.

D-Hall: Short for Benjamin Franklin Dining Hall, the main dining space on campus is located a short walk from all of our residential spaces on campus. It features daily specials for lunch and dinner and offers dining options for vegetarians and vegans, as well as Kosher foods.

Dean: An administrative mentor for students in each College House. Deans oversee the House Advisers, advise House Government, and are dedicated to helping students navigate campus resources during significant personal challenges. They uphold community standards and help plan social activities within the houses.

DipCares: A team of professional staff members who welcome referrals about behaviors and actions that might be concerning, disruptive, or a risk to an individual's wellbeing. The team seeks to support students in need and may conduct outreach and interventions to assist students referred for help. 

Dips: Short for Diplomats. F&M students often say “go dips” as a sign of support at athletic contests and other events. 

Don: A faculty mentor for students in a College House. Dons are dedicated to connecting the Houses to the greater intellectual life of campus and are available to answer questions about courses, research and scholarship opportunities, and other general questions about academic and intellectual life at F&M. 

DPS: F&M's Department of Public Safety, a team of sworn officers dedicated to protecting the college community.

First Friday: An event that celebrates the first Friday of every month in Lancaster. These evenings feature extended hours and special events at restaurants, art galleries and music venues.

Fummers: A version of F&Mers, occasionally used to describe the students at the College.

HAs: The short form of House Advisers, the top-level student leaders within the College Houses. F&M dedicates these individuals to serve as your consistent resource during your first year on campus. HAs act as your orientation leaders, resident assistants and peer mentors. HAs are friendly, approachable, and undergo extensive training to help you navigate campus and answer questions or point you to additional resources.

Hartman Green: Located at the heart of campus, it is a sprawling green that connects a variety of campus spaces. Students typically gather here in warm weather to socialize, study and leisurely toss Frisbees and footballs.

  • Studying together

LSP: The short form of the Ann & Richard Barshinger Life Sciences and Philosophy Building. Located near Williamson parking lot and New College House (just off of Harrisburg Avenue), it features a high-ceilinged atrium where students gather to snack and study.

Market: Shorthand for Central Market, a downtown Lancaster farmers market featuring dozens of produce and food stands. Opened in the 1730s, it is America's oldest, continually operating farmers market. The market is open Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Nevonia: The name given to the home of F&M's president. It is located about a mile from campus.

OSEL: The short form of the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership. Located on the second floor of Steinman College Center, it is the hub of student leadership opportunities on the F&M campus.

OSPGD: The short form of the Office of Student and Postgraduate Development. It is located in Harwood Commons by Hartman Green. The staff of the office help students discover internship opportunities and prepare for professional and post-graduate opportunities (careers, graduate school, nonprofit leadership and everything in between).

Preceptor: A teaching assistant, typically someone who has already taken the class or is familiar with the material. These student mentors are a resource to help you better understand your course work.

Registrar: The Office of the Registrar maintains resources for course selection and planning a course of study. The staff monitors your progress toward a degree, maintains academic calendars and exam schedules, and is a resource for students and alumni seeking access to their academic records.

Shad or Shad-Fack: The short form of Shadek-Fackenthal Library, the primary library on campus where students go to conduct research for papers or just study quietly. There is a second library on campus dedicated to the sciences.

Spring Arts: An annual spring music festival and celebration for students on Hartman Green.

SWC: Short for Student Wellness Center, located on the first floor of College Square. It houses Counseling Services and Health Services.