Question: When will I know my College House assignment?

Answer: We will determine your College House affiliation in July and inform you of your assignment in August.

How is my roommate determined? When will I find out the name of my roommate?

A housing questionnaire will be emailed to your F&M email address in July. We will match you with roommates based upon your answers to those questions. Our College House Deans then review assignments and make adjustments to components that our automated process might have overlooked. Roommate assignments will then be shared with all incoming students by August.


Course Registration & Academics

How does course registration work?

The Registrar's Office will create your Fall course schedule from the courses you have selected on the academic survey and from the answers your provided on the language, math and science surveys. You can expect to receive your class schedule in early August.

When can I take a placement exam? What score will I need to place out of the College's language requirement?

If you enroll in a language class for Fall, you may take an online placement exam for most languages we offer over the summer. If you hope to place out of the language requirement, you will be required to take the placement exam during Orientation under proctored conditions. If you take the online placement exam over the summer and are placed in a class at the 201 level or above and wish to use this class to fulfill your language requirement, you must re-take the placement exam during Orientation. Our language departments have calibrated the scores on the placement tests to correspond to the proficiency levels of F&M language courses. Departments use the scores, as well as the answers on the language survey, to determine where to place you.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my math placement exam and/or the course to which I've been assigned?

Please email all math placement-related questions to Professor Iwan Praton at iwan.praton@fandm.edu.

How will my F&M course schedule be affected by the course credits I received for AP exams and the college courses I took while I was in high school?

Make sure you have your AP scores and any college transcripts sent directly to the Registrar's Office at F&M by the end of July. As we create your fall schedule, we will adjust it to make sure you are not enrolled in any course for which you will receive AP credit or transfer credit. If we receive score reports or transcripts after the end of July, we may not be able to adjust your final schedule.


Health & Wellness

What health forms am I required to send F&M? Where Do I submit them? How can I follow up to ensure you received them?

Please direct all questions related to health form requirements to studentwellness@fandm.edu

I require accessibility accommodations at F&M. How do I do that and who do I contact?

The Office of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) manages all such requests at F&M. If you require accommodations, please email them at sas@fandm.edu. You will need to provide documentation from a care provider substantiating any such request.


On-Campus Employment

My financial aid includes federal work study. How do I find an on-campus job?

The primary way students campus employment is through our online job board, which is called Handshake. At the beginning of August, you will get an email telling you how to access Handshake. The bulk of our campus positions require students to have either Federal Work Study or College Work Option on their Financial Aid. Positions that are open to all students, regardless of aid status, are marked as unrestricted on Handshake. Also, during Orientation, F&M hosts an on-campus job fair before classes begin.

What do I need to bring to campus if I plan to work on campus?

Any student seeking campus employment must bring original, unexpired identification documents with them to campus. Copies, scans and faxes are not accepted (per federal government requirements). These identification documents are required before you can start any position on campus.

Resource: List of acceptable identification documents


Technology Issues

I am having trouble logging into the F&M Intranet (Inside F&M), finding my NetID, or having trouble accessing my F&M email account. Who do I contact?

Please direct all questions to the Help Desk in our Information Technology Services unit. Visit helpdesk.fandm.edu or email helpdesk@fandm.edu.


Athletics & Recreation

What documents do I need to try out for a varsity athletic team?

After July 4, you will receive this information directly from our Sports Medicine Office. All required documents can be found on our pre-participation paperwork site. In August, you will receive additional emails related to paperwork that all athletes must file in order to compete at F&M (and required by the NCAA).

Resource: Learn more by reviewing the compliance section of our athletics site, godiplomats.com.

I'm interested in participating in club or intramural sports. How do I learn more about those opportunities?

Club sports begin publicizing their seasons during Orientation and during the first week or two of classes. They provide information at campus fairs, by email and through printed posters and fliers. Information about registering for intramural programs is typically announced by the F&M Department of Athletics and Recreation in September.


Earning Credit During Deferral 

If I choose to defer enrollment, am I able to earn credit elsewhere during my gap year?

For first-year and transfer students with approval to defer their admission, Franklin & Marshall College will allow the study of up to two courses per semester at another institution. Should a first-year or transfer student deferring their admission pursue more than two courses, the student would be required to reapply through the transfer admission process. More information on this policy can be found on this page



Can I bring my car and park on campus?

Franklin & Marshall does not allow first-year students to bring vehicles to campus unless a first year parking waiver is approved. Learn more about first-year student parking waivers.