Departing From Campus

All College owned residential facilities are CLOSED during the Winter Break, November 22, 2020 through January 29, 2021. All students living on campus or in College-owned off-campus housing will need to depart from campus at the end of the Fall 2020 term.

The move-out deadline is Sunday, November 22 at noon.

The dining hall will close after dinner on Saturday, November 21. If you're moving out on Sunday, November 22, breakfast items will be available for grab and go from the dining hall during dinner service on November 21. 


All student personal items must be removed from the room. Nothing can be left behind even if you expect to return to the exact same room. 

New this semester, students were advised to bring less than normal to campus in anticipation of this departure requirement.

Students should plan to take all items or arrange for storage locally. Any items left in your room after check out will be assumed abandoned and discarded.

There are several local options available to store or ship your items. In addition, students are welcome to utilize local vendors for self  storage.


For a $45 fee, the College will be offering shuttle service from campus to BWI  when students depart between November 20 and 22.

If you need transportation to BWI Airport, please sign up at:


If you need transportation to Philadelphia or Harrisburg, please check the website HERE for helpful information. Students may take an Amtrak train then a connecting train, bus, taxi or Uber to Philadelphia PHI or Harrisburg MDT.


  • Locations Included in Move Out Process

    Locations Included in Move Out Process Image

    Locations included in Move Out Process:

    • Bonchek College House (Ben Franklin South)

    • Brooks College House (Buchanan & Marshall Halls)

    • Roschel College House

    • Ware College House (Ben Franklin North)

    • Weis College House

    • Dietz Hall

    • Thomas Hall

    • 534 W. James Street Apartments

    • 560 W. James Street - Phi Kappa Psi

    • 611 College Avenue - Harbaugh House

    • 550-552 W. James - Sustainability House

    • 548 W. James - Wellness House

    • 729, 731, and 733 College Avenue

  • Check Out Process Information

    Check Out Process Information Image

    You will need to sign up for a move out time through Sign Up Genius to create a safe and scheduled process. Times will be available daily for two-hour move out slots:

    • Thursday, November 19
      • 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.
    •  Friday, November 20
      • 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.
    • Saturday, November 21
      • 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.
    • Sunday, November 22.
      • 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.

    Touch-Free Remote Checkout 

    To promote a safe and socially distanced checkout process, the College will be utilizing a touch-free remote checkout app, which can be downloaded here. All residents must complete a remote check out of their room before departure. You’ll confirm your items are removed and you are ready to depart.


    Make sure your room has been left in “broom clean condition” meaning:

    • free of all debris
    • free of personal effects
    • swept clean after their belongings have been removed
    • close and lock room windows
    • raise the blinds halfway, turn off all lights
    • close and lock the room door

    Take Out the Trash

    Take your trash and unusable items to the trash area. Anything left in a room trash can, on top of a room trash can, in a trash bag, or in the hallway is considered trash and will be disposed of. If you have large broken items please throw them out to avoid charges.

    Return Your Library, Lab, and Athletic Items

    Make sure you return your library items, lab equipment, and athletics gear before you depart.

    Return Your Key

    You should not leave your key in your room or give it to a friend to return.  

    Key Drop Locations

    Roschel College House - Main and South entrance

    Weis - Main Entrance 

    Thomas - East entrance and South entrance 

    Marshall - South entrance (Buchanan Park side)
    Buchanan - South entrance (Buchanan Park side)
    North Ben Franklin (Ware) - West entrance (Race Ave. side)
    South Ben Franklin (Boncheck) - West entrance (Race Ave. side)
    Dietz - South entrance
    James Street Locations - Sustainability House entrance