Group Counseling

                                              Benefits of Group Counseling

Group counseling provides a free and confidential environment of  support to share and interact with others with similar experiences. Participants can choose to share or learn by listening to others.  Students receive feedback, advice and encouragement from peers, leading to decreased feelings of loneliness. 

                                                            How to Sign Up?

Email Lauren Firestone at lauren.firestone@fandm.edu or call Counseling Services at 717-544-9051 for additional information, such as start dates, meeting times, location and how to join the group.


  • Mindful U Group- Wednesday 3-4:15  (Feb. 15- Feb. 26)    This is a 4-session group that provides a straightforward approach for managing stress and living a fuller, more balanced life through mindfulness.  The group teaches practical skills that are relevant to your life as a college student, and beyond, with the goal of managing your feelings through mind/body connections.

  • Women’s Support Group- Fridays 11-12:15 (counseling referrals only)      This group assists female students in addressing interpersonal and personal problems (e.g. communication issues, negotiating healthy boundaries, managing anxiety, self awareness, etc.).

  • ADHD Skills Group- Fridays 3:00-4:00 ( March 2- April 3)    This group helps students who are having difficulties with time management, task organization, and academic issues.  The group reviews strategies and skills to maintain focus, improve studying, and be more productive. If interested contact Gene DeLong at edelong@fandm.edu or 717-544-9051. 

  • CBT Group-Thursdays 3:00-4:15 (counseling referrals only)                                                   Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is based upon the idea that our thoughts and attitudes create our moods more so than external events.  This psychoeducational group will be offered to assist students with learning how to change habitual thought patterns and attitudes that contribute to feeling  stressed, anxious and depressed.  This group will be open to any interested students.  If interested, contact Lauren Firestone at lfiresto@fandm.edu. 

  • Invisible Illness Group- Tuesdays 11:30-12:30 (ongoing)                                                                         This group is dedicated to students managing a chronic illness or invisible disability.  Students learn to navigate College while navigating their chronic illness and exploring resources.  All are welcome, whether Crohn's Disease, chronic pain, Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue,  or any other struggle. 

  • Grief Group-Monday 3-4  (Feb. 10-March 23)                                                                                                               This is a 6 week group is for those mourning the loss of a loved one.   A grief support group can be a safe place to connect with others, which often eases the sense of being alone with very difficult emotions.  If interested, contact Katharina Panjaitan at kpanjait@fandm.edu. 

  • Anxiety Solutions Group- Monday 4-5 (2/3-3/2)  This psychoeducational group if for students who struggle with anxiety.  Each week, information skills and support will be offered to address specific ways anxiety disrupts functioning and well being.  Interested students should contact Susan Schultheis at sschulth@fandm.edu or 717-544-9051, so adequate resources can be available to all participants.  

  • Internationals Students and Wellness- Wednesday 3-4 (3/4-4/1) Counseling Services and the the Office of Student Wellness Education and Violence Prevention is holding a 4 weeks  gathering for International Students to learn and discuss topics related to health and wellness.  If interested, contact Katharina Panjaitan at kpanjait@fandm.edu or call 717-544-9051.                                                  

  • THRIVE  - Fridays 3-4:15 (Starts 2/14)  College can be hard.  This is a group for students who want to do MORE than just make it through the challenges and survive, but rather want to meet them with an open heart and thrive!  Each week we will look at a theme that relates to growing, learning and being able to enjoy more of what life in college has to offer.  If interested, contact Meagan Howell-Brogan at mhowell@fandm.edu or 717-544-9051.