The Next Generation Mentored Cohorts were created in response to the changing demographics of our campus community. Building on the success from F&M's decade long relationship with Posse, F&M has created a faculty-led cohort model that focuses on retention and academic success for first-generation and underrepresented students. All F&M students receive advising support from their academic advisor, college house don, and college house dean. Students in a faculty mentored cohort also receive a faculty or experienced mentor (and a peer mentor) with whom they meet one-on-one weekly (or every other week) to discuss student transition and progress. 


About 80 scholars on campus!

Other Current Cohorts

TEAM and Mehlman Scholars 

Past Cohorts

KIPP+, White FLAME, Blue FLAME, CREWS, Booth Ferris Cohorts, GROW  

Student Success Guide


Student Success Guide

 Have you ever wondered the secrets of success at F&M- both social and academic? The Office of Student Success has created a comprehensive guide to living your best life at F&M! 

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