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Planning Your Event

The Office of Conference & Event Services is the one-stop shop for event planning on campus for external clients. From mid-May through early August, we specialize in renting college facilities for conference and camp use. During the academic year, we assist in planning conferences, athletic events, business meetings, and educational classes.

Guidelines for Facility Use

As an institution of higher education, Franklin & Marshall College seeks to balance its mission of instruction, scholarship and co-curricular activities with its commitment to the broader community. The facilities of Franklin & Marshall College exist for the purpose of education, for use by our faculty, staff and students and by affiliated constituencies. However, when available space allows, we are committed to making our facilities available to groups and organizations outside the College whose purpose is consistent with the College’s mission.

All facilities are property of Franklin & Marshall College. Specifically, there is no departmental or individual “ownership” of space. The College reserves the right to decide which activities may or may not be held on campus, and to establish fair and reasonable charges for the use of these facilities. Priorities for use of facilities are given as follows:

  1. College Events
  2. College Co-Sponsored Events
  3. Non College/External Events

College Events

  • The event request is presented in whole by faculty, staff or students and whose activities are directly related to college business.
  • All participants must be Franklin & Marshall College faculty, staff, students, or alumni.
  • The sponsoring department or organization is responsible for all costs associated with the event. Facility fees are waived.

College Co-Sponsored Events

  • The event request is presented by a non-F&M entity or by faculty, staff or students for the benefit of the F&M community. The event involves a College academic department, administrative unit or student organization and an outside organization such as a professional for-profit or non-profit group.
  • Participants consist of faculty, staff or students and external guests.
  • The event must fit into the mission of the College and the sponsoring department and be approved by the Departmental Chairperson or Director and Divisional Vice President.
  • The sponsoring department or College organization will serve as the point of contact on behalf of the external group.
  • A department representative must be present at the event and responsible for the event logistics (i.e. facility reservation, setup, catering, security, custodial, equipment rentals, etc.)
  • Fees charged (entry fees, registrations, donations) must be disclosed to the College in advance of the event.  
  • The sponsoring department or College organization will pay all costs associated with the event.

Non-College/External Events

  • Programs and activities organized by individuals, organizations or groups not part of the organizational structure of the College and who request to use the College’s facilities for the benefit of their own program.
  • Attendees consist of external guests.
  • The Office of Conference & Event Services will serve as the point of contact on behalf of the external group.  Certificate of Insurance and contract will be required.
  • Event sponsor will pay full facility rental fees and all other costs associated with the event.

Insurance Requirements

Franklin & Marshall College requires a Certificate of Insurance (COI) be filed with the Office of Conference Services & External Events by any external entity (hereafter known as the Customer) scheduling use of facilities. A COI documents the existence and terms of insurance coverage for the purpose of providing evidence that the Customer will be able to satisfy necessary obligations. These obligations include, but are not limited to:

  • Payment of liability losses assumed under contract
  • Workers' compensation benefits
  • Payment for loss or damage to property

COIs are for informational use only and are not considered legally binding.

Certificate of Insurance Requirements

All Events

Not less than ten (10) days prior to the scheduled use of facilities, the Customer must file with the College’s Office of Conference Services & External Events a Certificate of Insurance evidencing General Liability coverage is in force at limits of no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 general aggregate. Franklin & Marshall College shall be named as Additional Insured in reference to the Customer’s use of the facilities. This insurance policy shall not be canceled without 30 days advance notice to the College.

Camps or Activities Involving Minors

Per the College’s contract terms, at a minimum, Customer shall indemnify, defend (by counsel acceptable to the college) and save harmless College, its employees and agents, from all claims, damages, losses or expenses including attorneys' fees arising from injury or damage to persons or property, caused wholly or in part by any acts or omissions of Customer, or its employees, agents or members.  These minimum requirements shall not limit the liability or relieve the Customer of any obligation or responsibilities as agreed to in the Use of Facilities Agreement.  F&M reserves the right to require additional coverage or to increase limits as the activities or use of the premise changes. Customers will be made aware of any additional requirements in advance which will be made a part of any executed Use of Facilities Agreement.

Ready to Book?

Before contacting our office, please determine what type of event you have in mind, the number of guests attending and what services you would be interested in (e.g., catering, physical support, etc). Questions can be directed to the Director of Conference & Events at 717-358-4747.

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Rules, Rights & Responsibilities for Campus Access

Franklin & Marshall College encourages the participation of the broader community in a range of campus activities, but asks members of the public to recognize that F&M is a private institution whose grounds are designated for members of the College community, consisting of students, faculty and staff. The campus and other properties are not public facilities, but the College seeks to respond to community needs and the needs of the general public by sharing its resources and facilities when appropriate and possible. The College must protect the central educational purpose for which the College was established and must conserve its resources, both physical and financial. F&M must also be concerned for the safety of members of College community.

Unless specifically designated as "open to the public," all Franklin & Marshall College meetings, activities and events on campus are considered to be private. Please check the College’s Website ( to determine whether an event is "open to the public." Some events may require advance registration.

The College reserves the right to determine who may enter its property and reserves the right to refuse entry to any individual. The College further reserves the right to restrict the entry and presence of any individual or group on campus and to impose specific limitations or conditions related to entry or presence of any individual or group on campus.

While on campus, any individual attending an event designated as "open to the public" must adhere to all College rules of conduct, all rules and conditions proscribed for that event, and state and federal law. Members of the general public who are authorized to attend public events may enter campus for the sole purpose of attending the event and to traverse the campus directly to and from the building or location of the event.

Members of the public are not authorized to enter any building other than the building where the event is scheduled to occur. Members of the general public are must not interfere with, accost or disrupt any member of the College Community while on campus.

In instances in which the College makes any of its facilities available for use by any external group or organization, the group or organization may impose additional limits and restrictions upon attendance at the events it sponsors. The College shall have no liability or responsibility for actions of such parties.