University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England                                                                                                                Ph.D. degree; Geology, October 1989                                                                                                                                           Dissertation: Deposition and diagenesis of the Corallian Formation (Oxfordian) within the Wessex Basin,  southern England

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA                                                                                                                     M.Sc. degree, Geology, September 1984                                                                                                                                     Thesis: The Sedimentology of the Scots Bay Formation

Smith College, Northampton, MA                                                                                                                                               B.A. degree: Geology and English double major, May 1981


Honors & Experiences


Appointed to Endowed Chair: The Dr. E. Paul & Frances H. Reiff Professor of Geoscience, 2013

Associate Director, Faculty Center, 2013-2014

Associate Dean of Faculty, 2009- 2012, Franklin & Marshall College

Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching. Regional USA Award, 2008.

Special Assistant to the President for Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Issues, Fall 2008- Spring 2009, Franklin & Marshall College

Professor, 2006-present, Franklin & Marshall College

Special Assistant to the President and the Provost on Women and Family Issues, 2006 –2007, Franklin & Marshall College

Director, Geoscience Founders Society, Dept. of Earth & Enviroment Alumni Society, 2003-2013

Department Chair, Dept. of Earth & Environment, 2001-2005, Franklin & Marshall College

Geological Society of America Biggs Earth Science Teaching Award for Recognition of Exceptional College Teaching. 2000

Associate Professor, 1999 – 2006, Franklin & Marshall College. 

Courses taught:  The Earth, Environment and Humanity (Geo. 114); Sedimentology and Stratigraphy  (Geo. 324); Advanced Sedimentology (Geo. 470). Coral Reefs in Time and Space: Microcosm of a  Complex System.  Supervising Independent Study Projects (Geo. 490).

Assistant Professor, 1991-1998, Franklin & Marshall College

Post-Doctoral Research, 1990-1991, University of Kentucky; study of Providence Limestone (Pennsylvanian), Western Kentucky

Tutorial Supervisor, 1986-1987,  Giving small group supervisions to Earth Science undergraduate students, University of Cambridge              

Researcher and Core Curator, May-Aug. 1980, Scientific and organizational responsibilities for recent marine sediment cores, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 

Awards & Grants 

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grant: $700,000.00 for Faculty Center, Member of Proposal Team, March 2014

Sherman Fairchild Foundation: Co-author and P.I. for environmental science equipment, Institutional grant, $499,473.00. 2011 

National Science Foundation: Major Research Instrumentation Grant, $123,695 for Inductively Coupled Argon Plasma Spectrometer. 2001

Petroleum Research Fund Fellowship: Funding to travel to northwestern Australia for field work and ongoing collaboration with Univ. of CA, Davis, colleague. 2000

American Chemical Society- Petroleum Research Fund: $30,000.00 for 2 years: Paradoxes in Cambrian Sea-floor Relief: Algal Reef-Builders and Herringbone Calcite Cement, the Ledger Formation, York Co., PA. 1998        

American Chemical Society- Petroleum Research Fund: $20,000.00 for 2 year study of Cambrian algal reef complex, York Co., PA. 1995

Council on Undergraduate Research: Undergraduate Student Summer Research 



Note: Please email me to request a pdf reprint

* denotes Franklin & Marshall College undergraduate co-author

de Wet, Carol B., de Wet, Andrew P., Godfrey, Linda, Driscoll, Elizabeth, Patzkowsky, Samuel, Xu, Chi, Gigliotti, Sophia, and Feitl, Melina, 2019, Pliocene short-term climate changes preserved in continental palustrine carbontates: Western Opache Formation, Atacama Desert, Chile, Geological Society of America,in review

de Wet, C.B., Arienzo, M., Dinterman, P., and Hopkins, D., 2017, Depositonal Facies Influence on Shallow Burial Dolomitization, and Triassic Dedolomitization, Middle Cambrian Ledger Formation, York,  Pennsylvania, Characterization and Modeling of Carbonates–Mountjoy Symposium I, SEPM Special Publication No. 109, SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology), eISBN 978-56576-353-1 doi:

Ashley, G.M., de Wet, C.B., Barboni, D., and Magill, C.R., 2016, Subtle signatures of seeps: Record of  groundwater in a dryland, DK, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, The Depositional Record, doi:10.1002/dep2.11

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Recent Abstracts

Note: * denotes undergraduate student co-author

Xu, Chi*, Gigliotti, S*., de Wet, C.B., de Wet, A.P., and Godfrey, L., 2015, Palustrine Origin for Western Opache Fm (Miocene-Pliocene), Calama Basin, Atacama Desert, Chile, Geological Society of America Northeastern Section Annual Meeting Abstracts with Programs, v. 47, no.3, p.21.

de Wet, C. B., and Dvoretsky*, R., 2012, Cryptic, oval microbialites (endolites) from the Middle Cambrian Ledger Fm., South-central Pennsylvania, USA, Geological Society of America Northeastern Section Annual Meeting Abstracts with Programs, v. 44, No. 2, p. 57.

de Wet, C.B., Godfrey, L., and de Wet, A., 2012, Miocene-Pliocene Tufas and Palustrine Limestones, Opache Fm., Atacama Desert, Chile, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 44, No. 7, p. 581.

Teneva, L. T.*, Greer, L., de Wet, C.B., 2006, Isotope variability in early-Holocene Acropora Cervicornis from the Enriquillo Valle, Dominican Republic, Geological Society of America Northeastern Section Annual Meeting Abstracts with Programs, v, 38, p. 66.

Ashley, G.M., Roure, C.A., de Wet, C.B., and Hover, V.C., 2004, A tufa ‘event’ in an arid rift valley (Kenya): Climate or Tectonics?, Geological Society of America Annual Meeting Abstracts, p. 250.

de Wet, C.B., 2003, Preservation Potential of Calcified Extremophile Microbial Forms Through Geologic Time, Geological Soc. Of America Annual Meeting Abstracts, v. 35, p. 85.

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de Wet, C.B., 2000, Submarine cement stratigraphy within microbial reef cavities,  Middle Cambrian Ledger Frm., south-central PA, Geological Society of America Annual Meeting Abstracts, v. 32, p. 7.

de Wet, C.B., 2000, Marine cement stratigraphy in Cambrian microbial reef cavities, International Association of Sedimentologists Annual Meeting Abstracts, Dublin, Ireland

Davis, K., Wehmiller, J.F., O’Donnell, T. and de Wet, C.B., 2000, Diagenetic alteration of fossil Mercenaria from Gomez Pit, VA: An explanation for unexpected variability in amino acid enantiomeric ratios?, Geol. Soc. Of America Annual Meeting Abstracts, v. 32, p. 20.

de Wet, C.B., 2000, Submarine Cement Stratigraphy within Microbial Reef Cavities, Middle Cambrian Ledger Fm., south-central Pennsylvania, [Abst], Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Reno, Nevada

Bruno, C.R*, and de Wet, C.B., 2000, Cement Stratigraphy of the Cambrian Ledger Formation, York Co, PA, [Abst], Geological Society of America Northeastern Section Annual Meeting, v. 32, p. A8.

Murphy, M.A*., and de Wet, C.B., 2000, Grainstone beds within Cambrian Shelf Margin Microbialites, The Ledger Formation, York, PA, [Abst], Geological Society of America Northeastern Section Annual Meeting, v. 32, p. A61. 

Professional Services 

Appointed to Geological Society of America Diversity in Geoscience Committee 2015-2018. Elected Chair-Elect Nov. 2015

Mentor for On To the Future program, GSA Annual Meeting, 2015.

SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Research) Honorary Membership Committee, 2012-2014.

Initial participant and organizer: Diversity in Undergraduate Geoscience Alliance, 2012-

Invited speaker, Women in Academic Leadership, Skidmore and Union Colleges, 2012, (NSF-Advance grant support, Union College)

External reviewer, Geosciences Dept., Smith College, 2012

External reviewer, Geology Dept., Washington & Lee University, 2007

Elected Chair for Sedimentary Geology Division, Geological Society of America 2004-2005

Appointed Representative for the Geological Society of America Committee on Minorities and Women in Geology. 2000-2002.

Elected Representative for Joint Technical Program Committee, Sedimentary Geology Division, Geological Society of America. 1998-2001

NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) proposal reviewer: Jan. 1992, Dec. 1992 (Chairperson), Dec. 1993.

Reviewer for journals (Jour. Sed. Research, Geology, AAPG,  IAS Spec. Publ., Sedimentology) and grant  agencies (NSF, PRF-ACS, Sigma Xi), 1990--present

Invited speaker/panelist in numerous venues on Women In Science, including National Science Foundation – Assoc. of Women Geoscientists Workshop, Wash. D.C., 2003.

Substantial College Service

Elected to Professional Standards Committee, 2008-2009 & 2015-2017 (Tenure and Promotion Committee)

Organized Teaching Science Internships; F&M College science majors teach science in local elementary schools, 1999-2004 & 2008-2010. Supervised  >120 F&M student internships

Department Chair, Dept. of Earth & Environment, 2000-2004: Instituted two new majors;  Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, overhaul of full department curriculum, new department name; finalist in College’s Student Awards for Departmental Activities, 3 successful tenure-track hires; 1 Environmental Protection Agency director hired as Visiting Assistant Professor; significant improvement in dept. technical help and PC computer support.

Director, Geoscience Founders Society 2003-2013. Raised >$400,000.00 from Department Alumni. The Society sponsors alumni events, produces bi-annual newsletters, provides student & faculty grants

Elected to Grievance Committee (2003-2005); Provost Search Committee (2005), Trustee Committee

Civic Engagement (2003-2006); Maternity Policy Working Group (2005-2006) 

Professional Affiliations 

 International Association of Sedimentologists

Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists/Society for Sedimentary Geology

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Geological Society of America

Fellow of Cambridge Philosophical Society

St. Catharine's College, Cambridge

Association of Women Geoscientists