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*denotes Franklin & Marshall undergraduate student co-author

Recent Abstracts

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* denotes student author

External Grants

2014: ANDREW W. MELLON FOUNDATION GRANT $700,000.00 for FACULTY CENTER, Member of Proposal Team. 

2011: SHERMAN FAIRCHILD FOUNDATION coauthor and P.I. for environmental science equipment institutional grant, $499,473.00. 

2001: National Science Foundation EAR/IF, Major Research Instrumentation Program: $123,695 for Inductively Couple Argon Plasma Spectrometer

1998-2000: Petroleum Research Fund/American Chemical Society, $30,000.00, Research on the Cambrian Ledger Formation

1994-1995: Petroleum Research Fund/American Chemical Society, $20,000.00, Research on the Cambrian Ledger Formation