A liberal arts education from Franklin & Marshall College (F&M) provides students with exceptional problem-solving, critical thinking and communication skills while they pursue coursework across the humanities, social, and natural sciences. This broad acumen uniquely equips F&M students to excel in the engineering professions, which require multidisciplinary approaches to complex technological and humanistic problems.

Recognizing the strong foundation that a liberal arts education provides for the engineering field, Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, Washington University at St. Louis’s School of Engineering & Applied Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Case Western Reserve University’s Case School of Engineering have partnered with F&M on dual degree programs, which allow F&M students to receive both a Bachelor of Arts in their major of choice from F&M, as well as a Bachelor of Science from the engineering institution in a specific engineering discipline (e.g. Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering & Operations Research and Mechanical Engineering) via a 3/2 (three years at F&M and two at the partner institution) or 4/2 (four years at F&M and two at the partner institution) arrangement.

For more information about F&M’s dual degree programs in engineering and opportunities in engineering which F&M students can pursue, please visit or contact F&M’s Engineering Professions Adviser  at the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development at 717-358-4084 or


Environmental Science, Management and Policy

The College offers a cooperative program with Duke University in the areas of environmental science, management and policy. The student earns the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years, spending three years at Franklin & Marshall and two years in the Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences at Duke.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is awarded by Franklin & Marshall upon successful completion of one year of study at Duke, provided that 32 credits are earned. Duke awards the professional degree of Master of Forestry (M.F.) or Master of Environmental Management (M.E.M.) to qualified candidates at the end of the second year. The student must complete a total of 60 units at Duke.

The M.F. degree is in Forest Resource Management. Eight options are available for the M.E.M. degree: Coastal Environmental Management; Conservation Science and Policy; Ecosystem Science and Management; Energy and the Environment; Environmental Health and Security; Global Environmental Change; Environmental Economics and Policy; or Water and Air Resources.

Concurrent degrees may be earned alongside the M.F. or M.E.M. in Business (M.B.A.), Law (J.D.), Public Policy (M.P.P.), or Teaching (M.A.T.) through formal agreements between the Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences and other professional schools at Duke.

Alternatively, some students prefer to complete the requirements for the bachelor’s degree at Franklin & Marshall before entering Duke. The requirements for these 4-2 students are essentially the same as those for students entering Duke after the junior year.

Interested students should consult the coordinator, Dr. Timothy Sipe, Associate Professor of Biology, early in their careers at Franklin & Marshall, about appropriate course scheduling, so that the necessary prerequisites for admission to Duke can be completed. Additional information about the Duke program is available at