Franklin & Marshall College uses a course credit system. Thirty-two course credits are required for graduation. A typical course is assigned one course credit, equivalent to four semester hours, though some courses may be assigned more or less than one course credit.  Departments may offer half (0.5) credit courses and double (2.0) credit courses. The smallest unit of credit offered at Franklin & Marshall is one-half (0.50).

The typical one-credit course meets three times per week for 50 minutes, or twice a week for 80 minutes, or once per week for 170 minutes.  Courses with laboratories add a three- or four-hour lab to these lecture hours, but they do not carry additional credit.

Semesters are 13 and 3/5 weeks of classes (vacation periods such as fall break, Thanksgiving break, and spring break excluded), followed by at least two reading days, and then five days in which final examinations are scheduled.

We recommend that a student should typically spend three hours of out-of-class time for every hour spent in class.