Final Examinations 

Schedules of final examinations are prepared by the Registrar and published several weeks before the examination period begins. All final examinations are offered during three examination periods each day that are up to three hours in duration, scheduled as follows: 9 a.m. to noon; 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.; 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.*Prior to the exam period, there are four reading days, during which no assignment, paper, or project due dates or sessions that require attendance may occur.

Athletic competitions, including those for both intercollegiate and club teams, are not to be scheduled during the final exam period or the preceding “reading days.” The exception to this policy is postseason competition associated with Franklin & Marshall’s membership in the Centennial Conference.

Examinations that cover a substantial portion of the semester’s work, and that count a significant percentage of the semester grade, may not be given at a time other than the designated final examination period.

A student scheduled for three examination periods in a row (whether over one or two calendar days) may request a make-up time for the second of the three examinations scheduled. Such requests require a two-week advance approval by the Registrar’s Office, which verifies the situation and notifies the professor involved. Faculty must honor approved requests.

Unless students are scheduled for three consecutive examinations, they are expected to take all finals as scheduled. Instructors are not permitted to make individual arrangements or exceptions.

When individual students are faced with extenuating circumstances beyond their control, a final examination may be rescheduled with the approval of the Registrar. This examination must be taken no later than two days before the official date for end-of-semester grades.

Instructors may not reschedule a final exam for an entire class without the approval of the Registrar. If the Registrar has approved the final to be rescheduled, the Registrar will notify the students and faculty member. If a final is rescheduled and no notification of official approval has been received, the students should contact the Registrar.

No re-examinations are permitted for the purpose of raising a grade.

Proficiency Examinations 

Proficiency examinations are available only to full-time students and may not be taken for any course in which the student registered during the previous calendar year or which he or she has completed with a grade (including “F” or “NP”) at any time. A proficiency examination may not be taken for any course that is a prerequisite for a course in which the student has ever been enrolled. Students who are approved to take proficiency examinations should not expect the faculty to provide any special tutoring. Proficiency examinations are not intended to be taken so as to receive credit for work substantially undertaken at Franklin & Marshall College but for which credit has not been received.

Students interested in receiving credit through a proficiency examination must adhere to the following procedures:

      a.  The student must secure permission from the department chairperson to take the examination; the chairperson has the right to deny such requests. If the chairperson grants the request, he or she completes an Application (available in the Registrar’s Office) indicating the agreed-upon date of the examination.

     b.  The student takes the Application to the Cash Handling Office in the Steinman College Center, pays a non-refundable proficiency examination fee of $100, and receives a receipt. The Application and receipt are returned to the chairperson.

      c.  The chairperson sends the Application and receipt, with his or her signature certifying approval, to the Registrar and indicates the date the Registrar can expect the department’s decision as to credit awarded. The chairperson also consults with the instructor of the course to determine the best time and place for the examination and notifies the Registrar of that decision.

      d.  The student takes the examination on the assigned date. The student may expect the results of the examination shortly after the deadline established by the chairperson for the results to be submitted to the Registrar.

      e.  The chairperson notifies the Registrar’s Office of both positive and negative results of all proficiency examinations.

      f.  The Registrar’s Office informs the student and his or her academic adviser of the results. Only results awarded course credit are recorded on the student’s permanent record. No grade is assigned; the course does not count as either Pass/No Pass or a regularly graded course.

Each credit earned through a proficiency examination reduces the student’s 32-course-credit graduation requirement by an equivalent amount of course credit. Such course credits cannot count toward the 16 course credits that must be earned at Franklin & Marshall College nor toward the 21 course credits that must be earned with standard grades. Students may not earn credit for courses in basic language in modern languages (normally the first four courses in the sequence) by proficiency examination.

For any approved proficiency examination in a course not in the Franklin & Marshall curriculum, the student is responsible for any fees of outside examiners, in addition to the regular Franklin & Marshall proficiency examination fee of $100 per course.