Financial Aid 

Approximately 60% of the students at Franklin & Marshall receive some form of financial aid from a variety of institutional, public and private sources. The College’s financial aid policy reflects a desire to attract and retain a diverse student body of the highest possible promise. For those students to whom need-based aid is offered, the College strives to meet the majority of demonstrated need with grant funding. In most cases, the College packages several forms of financial aid, usually combining a grant with a student employment opportunity and loan.

Franklin & Marshall is a member of the College Board and the College Scholarship Service (CSS) and subscribes to that organization’s principles of financial aid. Need-based grants are provided to students who have demonstrated financial need as determined from information submitted on the CSS/PROFILE form, the Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA), federal tax documents (return, schedules, W-2s) and if applicable, the Noncustodial CSS/Profile form.

As the student is the primary beneficiary of the education, Franklin & Marshall assumes that each family will first make a reasonable sacrifice in financing its child’s education before applying to the College for assistance. Students receiving financial aid from the College are expected to work during the summer to earn funds for their education. In addition, all applicants must apply for any state, federal, or other awards for which they may be eligible. Expected federal and state grants usually replace institutional grants. Failure to complete all applications for federal and state grants or to submit all materials by the appropriate deadlines could result in the loss of institutional funding.

For the purposes of awarding federal, state and institutional financial aid at Franklin & Marshall College, the Academic Year is defined by the Academic Calendar and comprised of two 15-week semesters. In addition to standard term awarding, students may receive federal or state aid for the summer terms, provided they enroll in at least two courses at Franklin & Marshall College. They may also receive federal or state aid when attending other colleges in the summer, provided they enroll in the equivalent of six semester hours and complete a Consortium Agreement provided by the Office of Financial Aid.

Institutional financial aid may only be received for a maximum of eight semesters. Federal financial aid requires a student to meet the Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress standards that are listed on the  Office of Financial Aid's website.

Domestic and international students, including transfers, are eligible for financial assistance. Financial aid applications and all supporting financial aid documentation must be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than April 15 for the fall semester and by November 15 for the spring semester.



The John Marshall Fellow Program supports a limited number of students who, during their first year at Franklin & Marshall, have demonstrated unusual motivation, spirit of achievement and independence of thought. The program was created on the premise that bright, curious minds flourish best when challenged in an environment that gives highest priority to individual interests and abilities. The Marshall Fellow is eligible to apply for a $4000 research/travel grant to enhance the Fellow’s ability to engage in unique and personal academic pursuits, for example, supporting an on-campus research project, doing research in another country, presenting research at a professional conference, or completing a public service project.