Statement of Philosophy

(Adopted by the Off-Campus Study Committee of the Faculty in April 2004)

Recognizing the global nature of contemporary society as well as the need for intercultural understanding, Franklin & Marshall College views international study as a valuable component of a liberal arts education. Study abroad promotes an increased understanding of the complexity of language and culture. It also constitutes a critical element of the College’s commitment to build an increasingly international campus. Franklin & Marshall College therefore encourages its students to give serious consideration to study in another country.

The College approaches international education as an integral part of the entire undergraduate experience. We view it not as a term away from campus, but as an encounter seamlessly connected with a student’s entire education — before, during, and after the time spent off campus. Students planning off-campus study will work closely with the Office of International Programs and with their academic advisers to select programs and courses of study that further their educational goals.

Options for International Study and Off-Campus Study

Franklin & Marshall College currently pre-approves more than 150 different off-campus study programs in 50 different countries, including programs led by F&M faculty members. Each of these programs has been approved by a faculty committee and the Office of International Programs to ensure strong academic quality and opportunities for cultural learning and engagement with the local community. Off-campus study programs approved by F&M offer coursework, internship, and field research opportunities that provide depth of knowledge and intercultural perspectives on courses and topics studied on campus. Students interested in off-campus study should speak with their faculty adviser early in their academic career at F&M, and visit the Office of International Programs at least two semesters in advance of the planned time away to begin shaping their off-campus study experience. For more information on off-campus study opportunities, please visit

Franklin & Marshall also offers the innovative International Studies program, an interdisciplinary academic program that combines off-campus study in a non-English-speaking-location with coursework on and off-campus. The mission of the program is to unite a cohort of students who, both individually and in collaboration, will broaden the experience of their various major programs as they develop an international perspective and immerse themselves in the language and culture of a non-English-speaking country.

In addition to off-campus study programs, Franklin & Marshall also provides funding opportunities for off-campus summer study, internships, volunteer experiences, and research. Please see the section on Summer Travel Awards for a list of these awards.

Franklin & Marshall Programs and Partnerships

Franklin & Marshall offers more than 150 approved off-campus study experiences, including faculty-led programs as well as partnerships with a number of U.S. program providers and overseas institutions. Many of these programs offer coursework in English or a local language, as well as internship and research opportunities. Advisers in the Office of International Programs, in partnership with the student’s academic adviser, offer guidance on program selection.

Franklin & Marshall Faculty-led Programs

Each summer, F&M faculty lead a number of Summer Travel Courses. These courses offer unique opportunities to travel with and learn closely from an F&M faculty member. New programs are regularly developed and in the past have taken place in Argentina, China, Cuba, Denmark, England, Israel, Italy, Russia, Spain, and South Africa, among other locations. All students accepted to a Summer Travel Course are automatically considered for funding from F&M, based on the student’s demonstrated financial need. Students should contact the Office of International Programs to learn more about current Summer Travel Courses.

Advanced Studies in England

Owned by Franklin & Marshall, the Advanced Studies in England program is administered in association with the University College, Oxford University, and is located in Bath, England. The program offers courses in literature, classics, government, history, creative writing, theatre, and film during the fall and spring semester as well as a summer session. During the summer session, an F&M faculty member typically leads one of the course offerings in Bath. Students studying with ASE also have the opportunity to participate in an academic internship. In addition to students from Franklin & Marshall College, the program enrolls students from other affiliate institutions, such as Oberlin, Bucknell, Denison and Gettysburg.

Guidelines for International and Off-campus Study

While most students participate in off-campus study during their junior year of study, opportunities exist for earlier or later study. Off-Campus study advisers in the Office of International Programs work with students and their faculty advisers to find programs that match student academic and cultural interests; off-campus study advisers also support students throughout the program application process and provide pre-departure orientation and advising. Students interested in exploring off-campus study opportunities are encouraged to begin working with the Office of International Programs staff at least two semesters in advance of the intended semester or summer off-campus.

In order to study off-campus, Franklin & Marshall requires that all students:

  • have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA (though many programs require a higher GPA for participation so a GPA of 2.75 or above is strongly recommended),

  • have a plan to declare a major area of study before attending a semester-long program,

  • be making satisfactory academic progress,

  • demonstrate evidence of social maturity, and

  • not be on any academic or disciplinary probation.

Students who do not meet these criteria should discuss their interests with an off-campus study adviser in advance of the typical one-year timeline. Depending on the particular circumstance, the student may be required to file a petition to study off campus if one of the above criteria is not satisfied.

For the majority of students who participate in an off-campus study program during the semester, Franklin & Marshall will bill the student the College’s tuition fee; Franklin & Marshall College will then pay the program tuition on the student’s behalf. Neither confirmation deposits, nor room & board are billed by F&M; these charges will be sent directly to the student by the off-campus study program provider.  Students participating in an off-campus study program during the summer should expect to pay all program costs directly to the program provider, except in the case of Franklin & Marshall faculty-led programs (Summer Travel Courses). Students participating in faculty-led programs are automatically considered for need-based aid. For more information about this policy or exceptions, please visit

During the academic year, students will continue to be eligible for financial aid during a term of off-campus study, including federal and state loans as well as Franklin & Marshall scholarships and grants. Students who receive Grant-in-Aid benefits will continue to access these benefits for the semester off-campus. This benefit is only available to students of eligible full-time F&M faculty and staff. Students receiving Tuition Exchange benefits will continue to access these benefits for the semester off-campus.

A number of additional scholarships and financial aid opportunities may be available for off-campus study, depending on the student’s demonstrated financial need and other factors. Students are encouraged to apply for national scholarships, such as the Gilman or Boren, as well as program scholarships, scholarships for first-generation college students, or location-specific scholarships. Off-Campus Study advisers can provide more information about additional funding opportunities. For more information about financial aid policies and additional scholarship opportunities, please visit

Summer Travel, Project and Internship Awards

The Margery Brittain Travel Award
This award enables students to improve their foreign language ability through travel or study in a country whose language they have studied previously.

The Bagdasarian Award
This award supports students studying or engaging in volunteer activities outside the U.S. with preference given to students traveling to developing and third-world countries.

Departmental Summer Foreign Study and Travel Awards
These awards enable foreign study and travel by outstanding sophomores planning a major or in some cases a minor in each of six departments: Art, Classics, French, Italian, German and Russian and Spanish.

John Kryder Evans Summer Study Award
This award honors the memory of Mr. Evans ’11, who served with distinction as a Trustee of the College from 1940 to 1980 and spent many years with General Foods Corporation. Candidates must demonstrate quality of character, personal and intellectual promise and an enthusiasm for international experience. Preference is given to projects that reflect ethical or social concerns.

Charles J. G. Mayaud Awards
These awards, given in honor of the late Professor Mayaud, Professor of French and long-time chair of the Department of French and Italian, enable students to carry out educational projects abroad. Candidates should demonstrate quality of character, personal and intellectual promise and an enthusiasm for international experience.

Paul A. Mueller, Jr., Summer Awards
Current sophomores are eligible to apply for the Paul A. Mueller, Jr., Summer Award in order to pursue projects that foster personal growth, independence, creativity, leadership and personal interests, in the United States or abroad.

Sidney Wise Public Service Internship Program
The Sidney Wise Public Service Internship Program honors the memory of Professor Sidney Wise, who was committed to providing for students first-hand experiences in government and guidance to alumni in the field. This ten-week summer program pays students a stipend to take full-time internships in national, state, or local government or in government-related non-profit agencies. Interested students should contact the Government department for further information.

Alice Drum Award for Summer Research in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
This award is given annually to support student summer projects related to research, creative arts, or community and public service. Proposed projects must further knowledge of the roles of women and/or gender in society. Recipients must also show quality of character, personal and intellectual promise, and an enthusiasm for learning from the proposed experience.

Maury Bank Summer Study Award
In memory of his late parents, Pearl and Maury Bank, Lawrence H. Bank, Esq. ’65 established the Bank Summer Study Award to support Franklin & Marshall students in studying abroad during the summer in the field of Judaic Studies. The amount of the award is $2,500, to be distributed to one or several participants.


Other Departmental Summer Awards

The Art Study Award assists a studio art major, in the summer after junior year, to pursue a formal internship experience. The Harry L. Butler Award, honoring the late Professor Butler, for many years chair of the Department of French and Italian, assists educational travel by a high-achieving student of French. The Alice and Ray Drum British Isles Summer Travel Award supports summer research in the British Isles, with preference to an English major. The Harry W. and Mary B. Huffnagle Endowment supports coursework or research experience by biology majors at biological summer field stations in the U.S. or abroad. The Michelle Kayal Memorial Scholarship Award enables a student majoring in biology to conduct research in the biological sciences. The Keck Summer Internships bring together students and faculty from 12 of the country’s most outstanding undergraduate liberal arts institutions to pursue geoscience research with the support of the W. M. Keck Foundation. The Geoff Pywell Memorial Prize, created in memory of Geoff Pywell, member of the faculty in Theatre, and of Joan Mowbray, secretary of the Department of Theatre, Dance and Film, supports a rising sophomore or junior for summer study in acting or directing. The Russell Summer Russian Study Award, given in honor of Thomas W. and Dorothy M. Russell, enables outstanding students of Russian to study Russian language and culture in Russia. The Franklin J. Schaffner ’42 Theater Award, in memory of the late Academy Award-winning director of numerous movies, television programs and plays, enables students to study British theater on location. The Peter S. and Irene P. Seadle German Travel Award supports a special project or internship in a German-speaking country by a rising senior who is a non-native speaker of German. More information on these awards is available from the relevant departments.