• Professor of German Cecile Zorach.
Emerita Professor of German


Visiting Assistant Professor of German

Stanford University, 1976-78

Assistant Professor of German

University of Michigan, 1978-84

Director, German Program

Residential College/University of Michigan, 1978-84

Franklin and Marshall College, 1984-present

2001-2008 Director, International Studies Program and Joseph International Center


A.B. Oberlin College (Religious Studies)

M.A. University of Massachusetts (German)

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg i.B., 1970-71

Ph.D. Princeton University (German)

Grants & Awards

Fulbright Scholarship to University of Erlangen 1970-71 (declined)

NDEA Grant for Graduate Study, 1973-74

Center for Research in Learning and Teaching, U. of Michigan, Weimar, GDR, Summer 1979

Matthews Underclass Teaching Award, U. of Michigan, 1981.

Danforth Associate, University of Michigan, 1981-84.

National Endowment for the Humanities Research Fellowship 1988-89.

Max Kade Award for Best Article of the Year in German Quarterly,  1992, for Zorach and Charlotte Melin, "The Columbian Legacy in Postwar German Lyric Poetry," German Quarterly, vol. 65, Summer-Fall, 1992, 267-293.


Articles on Böll, Handke, Andersch, Canetti, and other postwar German-language writers and topics in Germanic Review, German Quarterly, Monatshefte, Modern Austrian Literature.



English Grammar for Students of German (Ann Arbor: Olivia and Hill Press, 1980), 165 pp. Subsequent editions through ed. 6, (forthcoming 2013, including British edition: Arnold, 1999), co-authored with Charlotte Melin.


"Peter Handke as Translator of Walker Percy," South Atlantic Review (57, no. 1), January, 1992, 69-87.

"Home Territory: the New Germany in Recent American Fiction" in Themes and Structures, Festschrift for Theodore Ziolkowski, ed. by Alexander Stephan (Columbia, S.C.: Camden House, 1997), 281-307.

With Charlotte Melin, "Collaborative Expeditions: A Guide to Navigating the Academy or Housekeeping and The Art of the Infinite,” National Women's Studies Association Journal. Spring, 2001, 13.1 Spring, 2001, 126-138.


"Thomas Meinecke's German Fictions of Multicultural America: Model or Admonition?" Transit. I.1. 2005. (Migration, Culture, and the Nation State) Article 50912. http://repositories.cdlib.org/ucbgerman/transit/vol1/iss1/art50912

Excerpt in Thomas Meinecke. Ich als Text. Frankfurter Poetikvorlesungen.  Suhrkamp. 2012, 128-138.

“Our Hitler? The Academic Novel, Revisionist History, and the American Campus, [DeLillo, Gass, Oates]” in Kimberly Connor & Mark Bosco, eds, Academic Novels as Satire. Critical Studies of an Emerging Genre. Mellen, 2007.


Course Information

German 1st 6 semesters, regular and accelerated

First-Year Seminars: Two-Way Mirror--Germany and the US;  Secrets of Germany

German Literature and Culture: German Film, German Humor, Generational Conflict, Literature of the Wende and Unification

Introduction to International Studies (team-taught, various themes)

2 Senior Seminars in International Studies:  Global Citizenship; Clash of Civilizations