The Franklin & Marshall Center for the Sustainable Environment was created to consolidate the many interests and initiatives relating to global environmental stewardship and sustainability on the Franklin & Marshall campus.  The Center houses a seminar room, a field-work laboratory space, a community outreach room and offices for the director, the project assistant, and one of the college's two sustainability coordinators . The Student Commons has space for the Fair Trade Café, the Dirt Army,  the Outdoor Gear Rental Program (OGRP), the Pollinator Club and the Environmental Action Alliance.  The Center’s location, close to the heart of campus is an ideal hub for activities relating to the Center’s three main objectives:  


The first objective of the Center’s mission is to facilitate the College’s dedication to excellence in undergraduate education.  For faculty, the Center’s Director may serve as a resource to enrich the concepts of environmental stewardship and sustainability into all disciplines across the curriculum. The Center provides a facility for lectures, seminars, and research projects for the entire campus community. 

For students, the Center is dedicated to demonstrating environmental stewardship and sustainability across all aspects of their F&M experience, from the classroom, to collaborative research both locally and abroad, to co-curricular activities and student life. 

Visitors to the Center will find information about green living options, research, outreach activities, and educational opportunities. Public lectures and meetings take place in the Center’s seminar room.


The second objective of the Center is to serve as a conduit between the creative ideas generated by the Franklin & Marshall community and their practical implementation.  In this way, we will enhance Franklin & Marshall’s reputation as a leader in the community through the innovation, execution, and promotion of meaningful environmental stewardship and sustainability efforts. 

Personnel at the Center help coordinate sustainability efforts employed on campus.  These efforts come from a wide variety of sources, including students and faculty, administration, food services, and Facilities and Operations.  The Center provides a space that encourages interaction and dialog between all of these constituencies. 


The third objective of the Center is to lead by example. The Center strives to set an example of how to minimize its environmental impact. Over time, sustainable practices and methodologies may serve as a working model for other facilities on campus and across the broader Lancaster community. 

Get Involved

Extracurricular Opportunities

Find out how you can help make our campus - and our world - more sustainable places.   Join a student environmental club, participate in committees, or launch your own sustainable imitative.  We can help!

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Curricular Opportunities

Want to be learn about sustainability beyond your time at F&M?  We've compiled a number of opportunities for you here.  From travel courses and study abroad programs to internships in the field, and even the best jobs and graduate school programs around, we'll help you stay involved in sustainability when you're not on campus.

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Prospective Students

Thinking of coming to F&M?  Take a "Sustainability Tour" of campus to learn about our commitment to sustainability.  Already accepted?  Consider FOOT, our First-Year Outdoor Orientation Program, and spend some time hiking the Appalachian Trail with a few upperclassmen!  

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Resources and Past Events 


We've compiled a collection of resources to help answer your questions about all facets of sustinability,  from wildlife and the urban environment to green technology to transportation, water conservation, and sustianable food systems.  We've got you covered! 

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Native Pollinators

Pollinators are a broad group of animals responsible for the pollination of flowers by transporting pollen from one plant to another.  

Explore native pollinator gardens

Meatless Mondays

Meatless Mondays is a global movement that is operating in numerous colleges and universities in 36 countries around the world. Our campus has adopted the policy after a student led iniatitive.

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Past Events

Each semester, we organize a number of lectures and workshops for our campus and local community.  Jane Goodall, Bill McKibben, Van Jones, Annie Leonard, and Robert. F. Kennedy, Jr. have been just a few of our recent visitors - you can find video of their talks here.

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The Pulse

Story 4/24/2023

Mindful Moments: Unwinding in Nature

The atmosphere is boisterous as Franklin & Marshall College students set off on the Chickies Rock Overlook Trail, chatting with friends and enjoying the warm weather.  

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Story 5/2/2022

Two Community Members Named Campus Sustainability Champions

Two members of F&M's community were honored recently as Campus Sustainability Champions by the Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium. 

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Story 12/1/2021

F&M Offers Office Paper Recycling

F&M has a new. mobile and sustainable method for collecting office paper, shredded paper, and other items on campus.

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