F&M's Outdoor Gear Rental Program   

At Franklin & Marshall College's Center for the Sustainable Environment, we encourage outdoor exploration.  To make outdoor activities more accessible to the F&M community, we have a wide range of  user-friendly equipment available to rent to students, staff, and faculty. We can't wait to help you prepare for your next adventure!

OGRP is Open!  

4:30-6:30pm everyday! (Including weekends)       
Email gear-rentals@fandm.edu for any requests for gear pickup and drop off.  Updates will be posted on the CSE Facebook or Instagram pages, or sent out in an email. 

All social distancing and Covid-19 protocols will be followed during pickups/ returns and all gear undergoes multiple cleanings between uses.


Scheduled Closures:  

Last Day for Fall 2021 Semester: Thursday, December 9th

Fall Semester Reading Days, Finals & Winter Break:  12/10 - 1/18/22

If you would like to rent gear over  the winter break, please email the OGRP so we can arrange a time to get you supplies  and discuss return options.

Spring Break 2022: 3/11-3/20

Last Day for Spring 2022 Semester: Thursday, April 28th

Gear Daily rental rate replacement cost
Tent (2 person)* $4 $125
Tent (4 person)* $5 $135
Tent (6 person)* $8 $190
Camping stove* (comes with lighter, if desired) $3 $60
Propane* *$0.25 $5
Pot set with pot holder $2 $40
Fry bake* $2 $60
Sleeping bag $3 $60
Sleeping bag liner comes with sleeping bag $15
Sleeping pad $1 $30
Tarp $1 $8
Trowel $0.50 $4
Water filter* $3 $65
Backpack (various sizes) $3 $135
Pack rain cover $1 $30
Lantern $1 $20
Headlamp $1 $20
Trekking poles $1 $70
Binoculars $5 $150
Hammock and suspension system $1 $75
Snowshoes $3 $140
Snowshoe poles $1 $80
Field Guides or USGS maps $1  $15

Note:  Items with an asterix* require training  by the Sustainability Center staff before rentals will be approved.

Shank's Mare Kayaks and Paddle Boards

Shank's Mare, located in Wrightville, PA on the shore of the Susquehanna River, specializes in rentals of recreational kayaks and stand-up paddle boards. They are now offering F&M students, faculty, and staff a 20% off discount on their rentals. All you have to do is present your F&M ID at pick-up! 

Important Details:

1.  Make sure to call ahead for reservations at 717-252-1616. Give your name, number, and the gear you'd like to rent:  Single or double kayaks, fishing kayaks, or stand-up paddleboards.

2. Renting Season begins in Mid-May and lasts throughout October (when river conditions and weather allow).

3. The rental includes paddle, PFD (personal floatation device/lifevest) and boat or board.  Renters must wear their PFD at all times.  Renters may only rent cockpit (sit-in) kayaks if they can perform a kayak self-rescue-- this can be taught at Shank's Mare lesson program. Otherwise, rentals use the sit-on-top kayaks which are very stable and user friendly.