Past Events 
  • WildFoods

Pictured above is a wild food tasting that took place during this year's Sustainability Week. The event was led by Lancaster County Parks Naturalist, Lisa Sanchez. 

  • Tomatoes

Discussion and dinner:  Buy Fresh, Buy Local and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) led by Professor Linda  Aleci.


	Food scraps, paper plates, plastic utensils -- composting begins in the dining hall om Jan. 17. 

A food composting workshop was led by Lisa Sanchez, Lancaster County Parks Naturalist.


The Center Hosts: Jane Goodall 

  • jane freud

April 18,  2014

Jane Goodall, whose landmark studies of wild chimpanzees in what is today Tanzania revolutionized primate research and conservation efforts worldwide, discussed threats facing chimpanzees and other environmental crises and her reasons for hope.

In a lecture titled "Sowing the Seeds of Hope," Goodall, a United Nations Messenger of Peace, discussed international efforts to solve these challenges. 

"Jane is the world's preeminent wildlife biologist and conservation advocate," said Sarah Dawson, director of the Center for the Sustainable Environment and event organizer. "Her work with chimpanzees at the Gombe Stream National Park redefined what it meant to be human -- and put us in our place within the context of the greater web of life."

Goodall, who turned 80 on April 3, began her work with chimpanzees at Gombe in 1960, laying the foundation of future primatological research and conservation efforts that redefined the relationship between humans and animals. The Jane Goodall Institute, established in 1977, continues Goodall's pioneering research on chimpanzee behavior and is a global leader in the effort to protect chimpanzees and their habitats.

"Her messages of hope and peace let us aspire toward creating a better world for all living things -- human and nonhuman alike," Dawson said. "I hope that everyone who hears her leaves the talk feeling a sense of responsibility to the planet and the desire to contribute to making a sustainable society."​




The Center has had the opportunity to bring in some of the biggest names in sustainability to help enlighten the campus on the importance of taking care of our environment.  Check out some of the videos here, or click here to read about some past speakers!