GROW 2020

Due to precautions related to the novel coronavirus, GROW will be facilitated online for participants this year.  When students are on campus and distancing restrictions have been lifted, an in- person event will be held on campus for students who participated in the online GROW pre-orientation. Check back often for updates on dates, times, and other events held by the Center for the Sustainable Environment!

For further information, please see F&M's general Pre-Orientation website or contact Lucinda Bond (She/Her), CSE  Alternative Pre-O Coordinator, at

Gardening and Regeneration Orientation Week 

GROW (Gardening and Regeneration Orientation Week) is a pre-orientation program designed to integrate first-year students into the sustainability community at F&M through food! During GROW, you will spend your time petting baby goats, eating delicious food, and getting hands-on experience at local farms (from hydroponics to dairy and everything in between)! A select number of dedicated first-year students will learn about various agricultural practices, the environmental impacts of food, and general sustainability on campus. 

Some highlights of past years include touring the campus beehives, hiking, and eating at local farm-to-table restaurants. No gardening experience is necessary, only a passion for sustainability and great food. Additionally, participating in a pre-orientation program will help you form strong friendships and get to know the campus before the rest of your class arrives.

Gardening and Regeneration Orientation Week (GROW) at F&M

For more information contact the Center for the Sustainable Environment's Director:

Sarah Dawson:  

General Information

When to Apply

The GROW 2020 application will open in June shortly after the class of 2024 is accepted!

How to Apply

The application will be linked here once it's live. Make sure to check your fandm email and class Facebook group for application information from our student leaders!


Due to the online nature of the program, there is no cost asociated with GROW.   


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How will GROW participants spend their day?

GROW participants will be spending time in the organic garden on campus, traveling to farms in Lancaster, eating at amazing local restaurants, and more!

Scroll through the slideshow below for more photos of what the week entails!

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  • GROW
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  • E. Marcovitz and Charlotte McAdams plant seedlings.
  • GROW 2018 volunteering at a Central Market stand.
  • GROW 2018 volunteering at Lancaster Farmacy.
  • GROW 2018 dinner at John J Jeffries
  • Trip to Aeroponics Greenhouse at Garden Spot Village
  • GROW 2018 at Cherry Hill Orchards
  • GROW 2018 visit to Kreider Farms
  • GROW 2017
  • GROW 2017
  • GROW 2017
  • GROW 2017

                         Check out this sample schedule from GROW 2018:

GROW Day #3 Breakfast 7:30-8:00 AM
Dairy & Dirt Day! Linden Dale Goat Farm 8:30-10:00 AM
  F&M Dirt Army Garden  10:00-12:00 PM
  Picnic Lunch 12:00-12:40 PM
  Oregon Dairy 12:45-3:00 PM
  Cherry Hill Apple & Peach Picking 3:00-4:30 PM
  Dinner 4:30-6:00 PM
  Game Night! 7:00-10:00 PM


                 Each day has a specific theme with corresponding sustainability topics,  activities, and farms.     At least one farm visit each day will incorporate volunteer garden and/or farm work. While we               spend most of our week off campus exploring Lancaster, we also introduce F&M to the first-year                                         students so they're comfortable and acquainted by the time classes begin!