The massive production of waste is a world wide problem, but the United States in particular has above average waste productions. Learn about waste including composting, recycling, as well as what happens to your garbage once you are done with the products. 

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Urban and suburban environments now account for a large portion of our country, and wildlife often integrate into and adapt to these environments. Many of these insects and animals carry out vital functions necessary for the maintained health of an ecosystem. To maintain environmental health, we must be aware of our role on a larger environmental...

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Built Environment & Gardens

Learn more about how to increase sustainability around you, with topics such as: energy, water, building/construction, recycling, gardens, and composting. 

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Though Lancaster is definitely a city, it doesn't mean that bits of nature cannot be found nearby. Throughout Lancaster County and the surrounding areas (almost all within an hour!) you can find a bit of the "great outdoors." Looking for suggestions of where to go? Click to learn more!

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Do you ever stop to think about what you're actually eating? Eating healthy can be tough, but incredibly worthwhile in the end. Here in Lancaster, there are so many opportunities to eat fresh and local -- don't miss out!

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Green Apps

A few common smartphone apps can help you "green" your life - by finding nearby recyclers, eliminating junk mail, and more!

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An important step to sustainability is changing the way that we travel from place to place, whether it be to the Central Market downtown or getting home during the breaks. Through F&M we offer alternatives that can help limit the amount of harmful gas emissions. Click to learn more!

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