Facts about Recycling 

Recycling has multiple benefits in a variety of areas. To start let us look at the benefits recycling has on the economy. Recycling is a 200 billion dollar industry in the United States and generates about 7-10 more jobs than landfill and waste facilities produce. Moving onto the significant positive enviornmental effects of recycling; recycling conserves fresh water up to 95% in the mining and manufacturing process for many materials. Recycling also significantly reduces the waste that enters into oceans. Last it is important to know that recycling only bottles and glass is not enough. Look below to find out information about specific recylable materials:

  • Metal:
    • Recycling one hundred cans, can light your room for two weeks.
    • Huge magnets attract metals from huge piles of garabge in order to recycle the materials that others were not conscious enough to recycle .
  • Paper:
    • Half a million trees must be cut down just to produce the Sunday newspaper each week.
    • Each American disposes of about 680 pounds of paper each year without recycling! 
  • Glass:
    • Glass is fully recyclable and will not loose quality or purity.
    • Recycling glass lowers costs of glass products because recycled glass spends less time in the furnace.
  • Plastic:
    • About every thirty minutes we will use 2.5 million bottles.
    • Plastic bags that make their way into the oceans kill over a million sea creatures each year.
    • Plastics end up in the oceans by people throwing garbage into streets which ends up in storm drains which often let out into the ocean.