Emerald Ash Borer

Species Information

The emerald ash borer (or EAB) is thought to have been introduced to the use in the 1990s in wood packing materials such as shipping pallets. From its introduction point, the EAB has spread through many states the north-central and eastern parts of the US.

The EAB is a wood boring species, having larvae that bore channels beneath the bark and into the sapwood of ash trees. This action causes the tree to have challenges in proper water and nutrient distribution, negatively impacting the health of the tree.

The adult EAB is approximately ½ to 1 inch in length with an almost iridescent green color. Their bodies are slender and taper.

What to look for

The bulk of the damage this pest causes is by the larval stage, which is challenging to see given they reside under the bark. Yellowing of the canopy and dying of branches in the upper canopy are the primary signs of this infestation. You can also look for small "D-shaped" exit holes in the park